Acts: Chapter 18 (1534)

The Actes of the Apostles. The .xviij. Chapter.

  1. After that Paul departed from Attens and came to Corinthu
  2. and founde a certayne Jewe named Aquila borne in Ponthus latly come from Italie wt his wyfe Priscilla (because that the Emperour Claudius had comaunded all Jewes to departe fro Rome) and he drewe vnto them.
  3. And because he was of the same crafte he abode with them and wrought: their crafte was to make tentes.
  4. And he preached in ye synagoge every saboth daye and exhorted the Jewes and the gentyls.
  5. When Sylas and Timotheus were come from Macedonia Paul was constrayned by the sprete to testifie to the Jewes that Jesus was very Christ.
  6. And whe they sayde cotrary and blasphemed he shoke his rayment and sayde vnto the: youre bloud apon youre awne heeddes and fro hence forth I goo blamelesse vnto ye gentyls.
  7. And he departed thence and entred into a certayne manes housse named Justus a worshiper of god whose housse ioyned harde to ye synagoge.
  8. How be it one Crispus ye chefe rular of the synagoge beleved on ye lorde with all his housholde and many of the Corinthias gave audience and beleved and were baptised.
  9. Then spake the lorde to Paul in the nyght by a vision: be not afrayde but speake and holde not thy peace:
  10. for I am with the and no man shall invade the that shall hurte the. For I have moche people in this cite.
  11. And he continued there a yeare and sixe monethes and taught them the worde of God.
  12. When Gallio was rular of the countre of Acaia the Jewes made insurreccion with one accorde agaynst Paul and brought him to the iudgement seate
  13. saying: this felow counceleth men to worship God contrary to ye lawe.
  14. And as Paul was about to open his mouth Gallio sayde vnto ye Jewes: yf it were a matter of wronge or an evyll dede (o ye Jewes) reason wolde that I shuld heare you:
  15. but yf it be a question of wordes or of names or of youre lawe loke ye to it youre selves. For I wilbe no iudge in soche maters
  16. and he drave them from the seate.
  17. Then toke all the Grekes Sostenes the chefe rular of the synagoge and smote him before the iudges seate. And Gallio cared for none of tho thinges.
  18. Paul after this taryed there yet a good whyle and then toke his leave of the brethren and sayled thence into Ciria Priscilla and Aquila accompanyinge him. And he shore his heed in Cenchrea for he had a vowe.
  19. And he came to Ephesus and lefte them there: but he him selfe entred into the synagoge and reasoned with the Jewes.
  20. When they desyred him to tary longer tyme with the he consented not
  21. but bad the fare well sayinge. I must nedes at this feast that cometh be in Jerusalem: but I will returne agayne vnto you yf God will. And he departed from Ephesus
  22. and came vnto Cesarea: and ascended and saluted the congregacion and departed vnto Antioche
  23. and when he had taryed there a whyle he departed. And went over all the countre of Galacia and Phrigia by order strengthynge all the disciples.
  24. And a certayne Jewe named Apollos borne at Alexandria came to Ephesus an eloquent man and myghty in the scriptures.
  25. The same was informed in the waye of the Lorde and he spake fervently in the sprete and taught diligently the thinges of the Lorde and knewe but the baptim of John only.
  26. And the same began to speake boldely in the synagoge. And when Aquila and Priscilla had hearde him: they toke him vnto them and expounded vnto him the waye of God more perfectly.
  27. And when he was disposed to goo into Acaia the brethren wrote exhortynge the disciples to receave him. After he was come thyther he holpe them moche which had beleved thorowe grace.
  28. And myghtely he overcame the Jewes and that openly shewynge by the scriptures that Jesus was Christ.
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