Acts: Chapter 01 (1534)

The Actes of the Apostles, written by Sayncte Luke the Euangelyst, whych was present at the doynges of them. The fyrst Chapter.

  1. In the former treatise (Deare frende Theophilus) I have written of all that Jesus beganne to do and teache
  2. vntyll the daye in the which he was taken vp after that he thorowe the holy goost had geven commaundementes vnto the Apostles which he had chosen:
  3. to whom also he shewed him selfe alyve after his passion by many tokens apperynge vnto them fourty dayes and speakynge of the kyngdome of god
  4. and gaddered them togeder and commaunded the that they shuld not departe from Jerusalem: but to wayte for ye promys of the father whereof ye have herde of me.
  5. For John baptised wt water: but ye shalbe baptised with the holy goost and that with in this feawe dayes.
  6. When they were come togeder they axed of him sayinge: Lorde wilt thou at this tyme restore agayne ye kyngdome to Israel?
  7. And he sayde vnto them: It is not for you to knowe the tymes or the seasons which ye father hath put in his awne power:
  8. but ye shall receave power of the holy goost which shall come on you. And ye shall be witnesses vnto me in Jerusalem and in all Jewrye and in Samary and even vnto the worldes ende.
  9. And when he had spoken these thinges whyll they behelde he was take vp and a cloude receaved him vp out of their sight.
  10. And while they looked stedfastly vp to heaven as he went beholde two men stode by them in white apparell
  11. which also sayde: ye men of Galile why stonde ye gasinge vp into heave? This same Jesus which is taken vp fro you in to heaven shall so come even as ye haue sene him goo into heaven.
  12. Then returned they vnto Jerusalem from mount olivete which is nye to Jerusalem coteyninge a Saboth dayes iorney.
  13. And when they were come in they went vp into a parler where abode both Peter and James John and Andrew Philip and Thomas Bartlemew and Mathew James the sonne of Alpheus and Simo Zelotes and Judas James sonne.
  14. These all cotinued with one acorde in prayer and supplicacion with the wemen and Mary the mother of Jesu and with his brethren.
  15. And in those dayes Peter stode vp in the myddes of the disciples and sayde (the noumbre of names that were to gether were aboute an hondred and twenty)
  16. Ye men and brethren this scripture must have nedes ben fulfilled which the holy goost thorow ye mouth of David spake before of Judas which was gyde to them that tooke Jesus.
  17. For he was noubred with vs and had obtayned fellouship in this ministracion.
  18. And the same hath now possessed a plot of grounde with the rewarde of iniquite and when he was hanged brast a sondre in ye myddes and all his bowels gusshed oute.
  19. And it is knowe vnto all the inhabiters of Jerusalem: in so moche that that felde is called in their mother tonge Acheldama that is to saye the bloud felde.
  20. It is written in the boke of Psalmes: His habitacio be voyde and no man be dwellinge therin: and his bisshoprycke let another take.
  21. Wherfore of these me which have copanyed with vs all ye tyme that the Lorde Jesus wet in and out amonge vs
  22. begynninge at the baptyme of John vnto that same daye that he was taken vp from vs must one be ordeyned to be are witnes with vs of his resurreccion.
  23. And they appoynted two Joseph called Barsabas (whose syr name was Justus) and Mathias.
  24. And they prayed sayinge: thou Lorde which knowest the hertes of all me shewe whether of these two thou hast chosen
  25. that the one maye take the roume of this ministracion and apostleshippe from the which Judas by transgression fell that he myght go to his awne place.
  26. And they gave forthe their lottes and the lot fell on Mathias and he was counted with the eleven Apostles.
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