Acts: Chapter 25 (1534)

The Actes of the Apostles. The .xv. Chapter.

  1. When Festus was come into the province after thre dayes he ascended fro Cesarea vnto Jerusalem.
  2. Then enformed him the hye prestes and the chefe of the Jewes of Paul. And they besought him
  3. and desired faveour agaynst him that he wold sende for him to Jerusalem: and layde awayte for him in the waye to kill him.
  4. Festus answered that Paul shuld be kept at Cesarea: but that he him selfe wold shortly departe thither.
  5. Let the therfore (sayd he) which amoge you are able to do it come doune with vs and accuse him if ther be eny faute in the man.
  6. When he had taried there moare then ten dayes he departed vnto Cesarea and the nexte daye sate doune in the iudgemet seate and commaunded Paul to be brought.
  7. When he was come the Jewes which were come fro Jerusalem came aboute him and layde many and greveous complayntes agaynst Paul which they coulde not prove
  8. as longe as he answered for him selfe that he had nether agaynst the lawe of the Jewes nether agaynst the temple nor yet agaynst Cesar offended eny thinge at all.
  9. Festus willinge to do the Jewes a pleasure answered Paul and sayde: wilt thou goo to Jerusalem and there be iudged of these thinges before me?
  10. Then sayd Paul: I stonde at Cesars iudgemet seate where I ought to be iudged. To ye Jewes have I no harme done as thou verely well knowest.
  11. If I have hurte them or comitted eny thinge worthy of deeth I refuse not to dye. If none of these thinges are where of they accuse me no man owght to delyver me to them. I appeale vnto Cesar.
  12. Then spake Festus with deliberacion and answered. Thou hast appealed vnto Cesar: vnto Cesar shalt thou goo.
  13. After a certayne dayes kinge Agrippa and Bernice came vnto Cesarea to salute Festus.
  14. And when they had bene there a good ceason Festus rehersed Paules cause vnto ye kynge sayinge: ther is a certayne man left in preson of Felix
  15. about whom when I came to Jerusalem the hye prestes and elders of the Jewes enformed me and desyred to have iudgement agaynst him.
  16. To whom I answered: It is not the maner of the Romayns to delyver eny man that he shuld perisshe before that he which is accused have the accusars before him and have licence to answer for him selfe concerninge ye cryme layde agaynst him:
  17. whe they were come hidder wt out delaye on the morowe I sate to geve iudgement and comaunded ye ma to be brought forthe.
  18. Agaynst who when ye accusers stode vp they brought none accusacion of soche thinges as I supposed:
  19. but had certayne questions agaynst him of their awne supersticion and of one Jesus which was ded: whom Paul affirmed to be alyve.
  20. And be cause I douted of soche maner questions I axed him whyther he wolde goo to Jerusalem and there be iudged of these matters.
  21. Then when Paul had appealed to be kept vnto the knowledge of Cesar I commaunded him to be kept tyll I myght sende him to Cesar.
  22. Agrippa sayd vnto Festus: I wolde also heare ye man my selfe. To morowe (sayde he) thou shalt heare him.
  23. And on ye morowe when Agrippa was come and Bernice with greate pompe and were entred into the counsell housse with the captaynes and chefe men of the cite at Festus commaundement Paul was brought forth.
  24. And Festus sayde: kynge Agrippa and all men which are heare present wt vs: ye se this man about whom all the multitude of the Jewes have bene with me both at Jerusalem and also here cryinge that he ought not to lyve eny lenger.
  25. Yet founde I nothinge worthy of deeth that he had comitted. Neverthelesse seinge that he hath appealed to Cesar I have determined to sende him.
  26. Of whom I have no certayne thinge to wryte vnto my lorde. Wherfore I have brought him vnto you and specially vnto the kynge Agrippa that after examinacion had I myght have sumwhat to wryte.
  27. For me thynketh it vnreasonable for to sende a presoner and not to shewe the causes which are layde agaynst him.
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