Acts: Chapter 07 (1534)

The Actes of the Apostles. The .vij. Chapter.

  1. Then sayde ye chefe prest: is it even so?
  2. And he sayde: ye men brethren and fathers harken to. The God of glory appered vnto oure father Abraha whyll he was yet in Mesopotamia before he dwelt in Charran
  3. and sayd vnto him: come out of thy contre and from thy kynred and come into the londe which I shall shewe the.
  4. Then came he out of the londe of Chaldey and dwelt in Charran. And after that assone as his father was deed he brought him into this lande in which ye now dwell
  5. and he gave him none inheritaunce in it no not the bredeth of a fote: but promised yt he wolde geve it to him to possesse and to his seed after him when as yet he had no chylde.
  6. God verely spake on this wyse that his seade shulde be a dweller in a straunge londe and that they shulde kepe them in bondage and entreate them evyll .iiii.C. yeares.
  7. But the nacion to whom they shalbe in bondage will I iudge sayde God. And after that shall they come forthe and serve me in this place.
  8. And he gave him the covenaunt of circumcision. And he begat Isaac and circumcised him the viii. daye and Isaac begat Jacob and Jacob the twelve patriarkes
  9. And the patriarkes havinge indignacio solde Joseph into Egipte. And God was with him
  10. and delivered him out of all his adversities. And gave him faveour and wisdome in the sight of Pharao kynge of Egipte which made him governer over Egipte and over all his housholde.
  11. Then came ther a derth over all the londe of Egipt and Canaan and great affliccion that our fathers founde no sustenauce.
  12. But when Jacob hearde that ther was corne in Egipte he sent oure fathers fyrst
  13. and at the seconde tyme Joseph was knowen of his brethren and Josephs kynred was made knowne vnto Pharao.
  14. Then sent Joseph and caused his father to be brought and all his kynne thre score and xv. soules.
  15. And Jacob descended into Egipte and dyed bothe he and oure fathers
  16. and were translated into Sichem ond were put in ye sepulcre that Abraham bought for money of the sonnes of Emor at Sichem.
  17. When ye tyme of ye promes drue nye (which God had sworme to Abraham) the people grewe and multiplied in Egipte
  18. till another kynge arose which knewe not of Joseph.
  19. The same dealte suttelly with oure kynred and evyll intreated oure fathers and made them to cast oute their younge chyldren that they shuld not remayne alyve.
  20. The same tyme was Moses borne and was a proper childe in ye sight of God which was norisshed vp in his fathers housse thre monethes.
  21. When he was cast out Pharoes doughter toke him vp and norisshed him vp for her awne sonne.
  22. And Moses was learned in all maner wisdome of the Egipcians and was mighty in dedes and in wordes.
  23. And when he was full forty yeare olde it came into his hert to visit his brethren the chyldren of Israhel.
  24. And when he sawe one of them suffre wronge he defended him and avenged his quarell that had the harme done to him and smote the Egypcian.
  25. For he supposed hys brethren wolde have vnderstonde how yt God by his hondes shuld save them But they vnderstode not.
  26. And the next daye he shewed him selfe vnto the as they strove and wolde have set the at one agayne sayinge: Syrs ye are brethren why hurte ye one another?
  27. But he that dyd his neghbour wronge thrust him awaye sayinge: who made ye a rular and a iudge amonge vs?
  28. What wilt thou kyll me as thou dyddest the Egyptian yester daye?
  29. Then fleed Moses at that sayenge and was a stranger in the londe of Madian where he begat two sonnes.
  30. And when .xl. yeares were expired ther appered to him in the wyldernes of mounte Syna an angell of the Lorde in a flamme of fyre in a busshe.
  31. When Moses sawe it he wondred at the syght. And as he drue neare to beholde the voyce of the Lorde came vnto him:
  32. I am ye God of thy fathers the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. Moses trembled and durst not beholde.
  33. Then sayde ye Lorde to him: Put of thy showes from thy fete for the place where thou stondest is holy grounde.
  34. I have perfectly sene the affliccion of my people which is in Egypte and I have hearde their gronynge and am come doune to delyver them. And now come and I will sende the into Egypte.
  35. This Moses whom they forsoke sayinge: who made the a ruelar and a iudge: the same God sent bothe a ruler and delyverer by ye hondes of the angell which appered to him in the busshe.
  36. And the same brought them out shewynge wonders and signes in Egypte and in the reed see and in the wyldernes .xl. yeares.
  37. This is that Moses which sayde vnto the chyldre of Israel: A Prophet shall the Lorde youre God rayse vp vnto you of youre brethren lyke vnto me him shall ye heare.
  38. This is he that was in ye congregacion in the wyldernes with the angell which spake to him in ye moute Syna and with oure fathers. This man receaved the worde of lyfe to geve vnto vs
  39. to who oure fathers wolde not obeye but cast it from them and in their hertes turned backe agayne into Egypte
  40. sayinge vnto Aaron: Make vs goddes to goo before vs. For this Moses that brought vs out of the londe of Egypte we wote not what is become of him.
  41. And they made a calfe in those dayes and offered sacrifice vnto the ymage and reioysed in the workes of their awne hondes.
  42. Then God turned him selfe and gave them vp that they shuld worship the starres of the skye as it is written in the boke of the prophetes. O ye of ye housse of Israel gave ye to me sacrefices and meate offerynges by the space of xl. yeares in the wildernes?
  43. And ye toke vnto you the tabernacle of Moloch and the starre of youre god Remphan figures which ye made to worshippe them. And I will translate you beyonde Babylon.
  44. Oure fathers had the tabernacle of witnes in ye wyldernes as he had apoynted the speakynge vnto Moses that he shuld make it acordynge to the fassion that he had sene.
  45. Which tabernacle oure fathers receaved and brought it in with Josue into the possession of the gentyls which God drave out before the face of oure fathers vnto the tyme of David
  46. which founde favour before God and desyred that he myght fynde a tabernacle for the God of Jacob.
  47. But Salomon bylt him an housse.
  48. How be it he that is hyest of all dwelleth not in teple made with hondes as saith the Prophete:
  49. Heven is my seate and erth is my fote stole what housse will ye bylde for me sayth the Lorde? or what place is it that I shuld rest in?
  50. hath not my honde made all these thinges?
  51. Ye stiffenecked and of vncircumcised hertes and eares: ye have all wayes resisted the holy goost: as youre fathers dyd so do ye.
  52. Which of the prophetes have not youre fathers persecuted? And they have slayne them which shewed before of the commynge of that iust whom ye have now betrayed and mordred.
  53. And ye also have receaved a lawe by the ordinaunce of angels and have not kept it.
  54. When they hearde these thinges their hertes clave a sunder and they gnasshed on him with their tethe.
  55. But he beynge full of the holy goost loked vp stedfastlye with his eyes into heven and sawe the glorie of God and Jesus stondynge on the ryght honde of God
  56. and sayde: beholde I se the hevens open and the sonne of man stondynge on the ryght honde of god.
  57. Then they gave a shute with a loude voyce and stopped their eares and ranne apon him all at once
  58. and caste him out of the cite and stoned him. And the witnesses layde doune their clothes at a yonge mannes fete named Saul.
  59. And they stoned Steven callynge on and sayinge: Lorde Jesu receave my sprete.
  60. And he kneled doune and cryed with a loude voyce: Lorde laye not this synne to their charge. And when he had thus spoken he fell a slepe.
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