Acts: Chapter 28 (1534)

The Actes of the Apostles. The .xxviij. Chapter.

  1. And when they were scaped then they knewe that the yle was called Milete.
  2. And the people of the countre shewed vs no lytell kyndnes: for they kyndled a fyre and receaved vs every one because of the present rayne and because of colde.
  3. And when Paul had gaddered a boundle of stickes and put them into the fyre ther came a viper out of the heet and lept on his honde.
  4. When the men of the contre sawe the worme hange on his honde they sayde amonge the selves: this man must nedes be a mortherer. Whome (though he have escaped the see) yet vengeaunce suffreth not to lyve.
  5. But he shouke of the vermen into the fyre and felt no harme.
  6. Howbeit they wayted when he shuld have swolne or fallen doune deed sodenly. But after they had loked a greate whyle and sawe no harme come to him they chaunged their myndes and sayde that he was a God.
  7. In the same quarters the chefe man of the yle whose name was Publius had a lordshippe: the same receaved vs and lodged vs thre dayes courteously.
  8. And it fortuned that the father of Publius laye sicke of a fiever and of a bluddy flixe. To who Paul entred in and prayde and layde his hondes on him and healed him.
  9. When this was done other also which had diseases in the yle came and were healed.
  10. And they dyd vs gret honoure. And when we departed they laded vs with thinges necessary.
  11. After thre monethes we departed in a ship of Alexandry which had wyntred in the yle whose badge was Castor and Pollux.
  12. And whe we came to Cyracusa we taryed there .iii. dayes.
  13. And from thence we set a compasse and came to Regium. And after one daye the south wynde blewe and we came the next daye to Putiolus:
  14. where we founde brethren and were desyred to tary with them seven dayes and so came to Rome.
  15. And from thence when ye brethren hearde of vs they came agaynst vs to Apiphorum and to ye thre taverns. When Paul sawe the he thanked God and wexed bolde.
  16. And when he came to Rome ye vnder captayne delyvered ye presoners to ye chefe captayne of ye host: but Paul was suffered to dwell by him selfe with one soudier that kept him.
  17. And it fortuned after thre dayes that Paul called ye chefe of ye Jewes together. And whe they were come he sayde vnto the: Men and brethren though I have comitted nothinge agaynst the people or lawes of oure fathers: yet was I delyvered presoner from Jerusalem in to the hondes of ye Romayns.
  18. Which when they had examined me wolde have let me goo because they founde no cause of deeth in me.
  19. But when ye Jewes cryed cotrary I was constrayned to appeale vnto Cesar: not because I had ought to accuse my people of.
  20. For this cause have I called for you eve to se you and to speake with you: because that for the hope of Israel I am bounde with this chayne.
  21. And they sayde vnto him: We nether receaved letters out of Jewry pertayninge vnto ye nether came eny of the brethren that shewed or spake eny harme of the.
  22. But we will heare of the what thou thynkest. For we have hearde of this secte that every wheare it is spoken agaynst.
  23. And when they had apoynted him a daye ther came many vnto him into his lodgynge. To whom he expounded and testifyed the kyngdome of God and preached vnto the of Jesu: both out of the lawe of Moses and also out of the prophetes even from mornynge to nyght.
  24. And some beleved ye thinges which were spoken and some beleved not.
  25. When they agreed not amonge the selves they departed after that Paul had spoken one worde. Well spake the holy goost by Esay ye prophet vnto oure fathers
  26. sayinge: Goo vnto this people and saye: with youre eares shall ye heare and shall not vnderstonde: and with youre eyes shall ye se and shall not perceave.
  27. For the hert of this people is wexed grosse and their eares were thycke of hearynge and their eyes have they closed: lest they shuld se with their eyes and heare with their eares and vnderstonde with their hertes and shuld be converted and I shulde heale them.
  28. Be it knowen therfore vnto you that this salvacion of God is sent to the gentyls and they shall heare it.
  29. And when he had sayde that the Jewes departed and had grete despicios amonge them selves.
  30. And Paul dwelt two yeares full in his lodgynge and receaved all that came to him
  31. preachyng the kyngdome of God and teachynge those thinges which concerned the lorde Jesus with all confidence vnforboden.
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