Luke: Chapter 18 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Luke. The .xviij. Chapter.

  1. And he put forth a similitude vnto the signifyinge that men ought alwayes to praye and not to be wery
  2. sayinge: Ther was a Judge in a certayne cite which feared not god nether regarded man.
  3. And ther was a certayne wedowe in the same cite which came vnto him sayinge: avenge me of myne adversary.
  4. And he wolde not for a whyle. But afterwarde he sayd vnto him selfe: though I feare not God nor care for man
  5. yet because this wedowe troubleth me I will avenge her lest at the laste she come and hagge on me.
  6. And the lorde sayd: heare what the vnrightewes Judge sayeth.
  7. And shall not god avenge his electe which crye daye and nyght vnto him ye though he differre them?
  8. I tell you he will avenge them and that quickly. Neverthelesse when the sonne of man cometh suppose ye that he shall fynde faithe on the erthe.
  9. And he put forthe this similitude vnto certayne which trusted in the selves yt they were perfecte and despysed other.
  10. Two men went vp into ye teple to praye: ye one a pharise and the other a publican.
  11. The pharise stode and prayed thus wt him selfe. God I thanke the yt I am not as other men are extorsioners vniuste advoutrers or as this publican.
  12. I fast twyse in ye weke. I geve tythe of all that I possesse.
  13. And the publican stode afarre of and wolde not lyfte vp his eyes to heven but smote his brest sayinge: God be mercyfull to me a synner.
  14. I tell you: this ma departed hoe to his housse iustified moore then the other. For every man that exalteth him selfe shalbe brought low: And he yt hubleth him selfe shalbe exalted
  15. They brought vnto him also babes yt he shuld touche the. When his disciples sawe that they rebuked the.
  16. But Jesus called the vnto him and sayde: Suffre chyldren to come vnto me and forbidde the not. For of soche is ye kyngdome of God.
  17. Verely I saye vnto you: whosoever receaveth not the kyngdome of God as a chylde: he shall not enter therin.
  18. And a certayne ruler axed him sayinge: Good Master: what ought I to do to obtayne eternall lyfe?
  19. Jesus sayd vnto him: Why callest thou me good? No man is good save God only.
  20. Thou knowest ye comaundmentes: Thou shalt not commit advoutry: thou shalt not kyll: thou shalt not steale: thou shalt not beare false witnes: Honoure thy father and thy mother.
  21. And he sayde: all these have I kept from my youthe.
  22. When Jesus hearde that he sayde vnto him: Yet lackest thou one thinge. Sell all that thou hast and distribute it vnto the poore and thou shalt have treasure in heven and come and folowe me.
  23. When he heard that he was hevy: for he was very ryche.
  24. When Jesus sawe him morne he sayde: with what difficulte shall they that have ryches enter into the kyngdome of God:
  25. it is easyer for a camell to goo thorow a nedles eye then for a ryche man to enter into the kyngdome of God.
  26. Then sayde they that hearde that: And who shall then be saved?
  27. And he sayde: Thinges which are vnpossible with men are possible with God.
  28. Then Peter sayde: Loo we have lefte all and have folowed the.
  29. And he sayde vnto them: Verely I saye vnto you ther is noo man that leaveth housse other father and mother other brethren or wyfe or chyldren for the kyngdome of Goddes sake
  30. which same shall not receave moche moore in this worlde: and in the worlde to come lyfe everlastinge.
  31. He toke vnto him twelve and sayde vnto them. Beholde we go vp to Jerusalem and all shalbe fulfilled that are written by ye Prophetes of the sonne of man.
  32. He shalbe delivered vnto the gentils and shalbe mocked and shalbe despytfully entreated and shalbe spetted on:
  33. and when they have scourged him they will put him to deeth and the thyrde daye he shall aryse agayne.
  34. But they vnderstode none of these thinges. And this sayinge was hid fro them. And they perceaved not the thinges which were spoken.
  35. And it came to passe as he was come nye vnto Hierico a certayne blynde man sate by the waye syde begginge.
  36. And when he hearde the people passe by he axed what it meant.
  37. And they sayde vnto him yt Jesus of Nazareth passed by.
  38. And he cryed sayinge: Jesus ye sonne of David have thou mercy on me.
  39. And they which went before rebuked him that he shuld holde his peace. But he cryed so moche the moare thou sonne of David have mercy on me.
  40. And Jesus stode styll and commaunded him to be brought vnto him. And when he was come neare he axed him
  41. sayinge: What wilt thou that I do vnto the? And he sayde: Lorde yt I maye receave my sight.
  42. Jesus sayde vnto him: receave thy sight: thy faith hath saved the.
  43. And immediatly he sawe and folowed him praysinge God. And all the people when they sawe it gave laude to God.
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