Ephesians: Chapter 03 (1534)

The Epistle to the Ephesyans. The .iij. Chapter.

  1. For this cause I Paul a in ye bodes of Jesus christ for youre sakes which are hethen:
  2. Yf ye have hearde of the ministracion of the grace of god which is geven me to you warde.
  3. For by revelacion shewed he this mistery vnto me as I wrote above in feawe wordes
  4. wher by when ye rede ye maye knowe myne vnderstondynge in the mistery of Christ
  5. which mistery in tymes passed was not opened vnto the sonnes of men as it is nowe declared vnto his holy apostles and prophetes by the sprete:
  6. that the gentyls shuld be inheritours also and of the same body and partakers of his promis yt is in Christ by ye meanes of the gospell
  7. whereof I am made a minister by the gyfte of the grace of god geve vnto me thorow ye workynge of his power.
  8. Vnto me the lest of all sayntes is this grace geven that I shuld preache amonge the gentyls the unsearchable ryches of Christ
  9. and to make all men se what the felyshippe of the mistery is which from the begynnynge of the worlde hath bene hid in God which made all thynges thorow Jesus Christ
  10. to the intent that now vnto the rulars and powers in heven myght be knowe by the cogregacion ye many folde wisdome of god
  11. accordinge to ye eternall purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesu oure lorde
  12. by who we are bolde to drawe nye in ye trust which we have by faith on hi
  13. Wherfore I desire yt ye faynt not because of my trybulacios for youre sakes: which is youre prayse.
  14. For this cause I bowe my knees vnto the father of oure lorde Jesus Christ
  15. which is father over all that ys called father In heven and in erth
  16. that he wolde graunt you acordynge to the ryches of his glory that ye maye be strenghted with myght by his sprete in the inner man
  17. yt Christ maye dwell in youre hertes by fayth yt ye beynge roted and grounded in loue
  18. myght be able to comprehende with all sayntes what ys that bredth aud length deepth and heyth:
  19. and to knowe what is the love of Christ which love passeth knowledge: that ye might be fulfilled with all manner of fulnes which commeth of God.
  20. Vnto him that is able to do excedynge aboudantly above all that we axe or thynke accordynge to the power that worketh in vs
  21. be prayse in the congregacion by Jesus Christ thorow out all generacios from tyme to tyme Amen.
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