Titus: Chapter 02 (1534)

The Epistle to Tytus. The .ij. Chapter.

  1. But speake thou that which becometh wholsome learninge.
  2. That ye elder me be sober honest discrete sounde in the fayth in love and in paciece.
  3. And ye elder weme lykewyse that they be in soche rayment as becommeth holynes not falce accusars not geven to moche drinkynge but teachers of honest thynges
  4. to make the younge wemen sobremynded to love their husbandes to love their children
  5. to be discrete chast huswyfly good and obediet vnto their awne husbandes that the worde of god be not evyll spoken of.
  6. Yonge men lykwyse exhorte that they be sobre mynded.
  7. Above all thynges shewe thy silfe an insample of good workes with uncorrupt doctryne with honestie and with the wholsome
  8. worde which cannot be rebuked that he which withstondeth maye be a shamed havynge no thinge in you yt he maye disprayse.
  9. The servautes exhorte to be obediet vnto their awne masters and to please in all thynges not answerynge agayne
  10. nether be pickers but that they shewe all good faythfulnes that they maye do worshippe to ye doctryne of oure saveoure God in all thynges.
  11. For the grace of god that bryngeth saluacion vnto all men hath appered
  12. and teacheth vs that we shuld denye vngodlynes and wordly lustes and that we shuld live sobre mynded righteously and godly in this present worlde
  13. lokinge for that blessed hope and glorious apperenge of ye myghty god and of oure savioure Jesu Christ
  14. which gave him silfe for vs to redeme vs from all vnrightewesnes and to pourge vs a peculiar people vnto him silfe fervently geven vnto good workes.
  15. These thinges speake and exhorte and rebuke with all commaundynge Se that no man despise the.
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