Numbers: Chapter 32 (1534)

The boke of Numeri. The .xxxij. Chapter.

  1. The childern of Rube and the childern of Gad had an exceadinge greate multitude of catell. And whe they sawe the lode of Jaeser and the lode of Gilead yt it was an apte place for catell
  2. they came and spake vnto Moses and Eleazer ye preast and vnto ye lordes of ye cogregacio sayenge.
  3. The lode of Ataroth Dibo and Beon
  4. whiche contre ye Lorde smote before the congregacion of Israel: is a londe for catell and we thy servauntes haue catell
  5. wherfore (sayed they) yf we haue founde grace in thy syghte let this londe be geuen vnto thy servauntes to possesse and bringe vs not ouer Jordane.
  6. And Moses sayed vnto the childre of Gad and of Ruben: shall youre brethern goo to warre and ye tarye here?
  7. Wherfore discorage ye the hertes of the children of Israel for to goo ouer into the londe which the Lorde hath geue them?
  8. This dyd youre fathers whe I sent them from Cades bernea to se the londe.
  9. And they went vp euen vnto the ryuer of Escol and sawe the londe and discoraged the hertes of the childern of Israel that they shulde not goo in to the londe whiche the Lorde had geuen them.
  10. And the Lorde was wroth the same tyme and sware sayenge:
  11. None of the men that came out of Egipte fro twentye yere olde and aboue shall se the londe whiche I swore vnto Abraham Isaac and Jacob because they haue not continually folowed me:
  12. saue Caleb the sonne of Jephune the Kenesite and Josua the sonne of Nun for they haue folowed me continually.
  13. And the Lorde was angrie with Israel and made them wandre in the wildernesse .xl. yere vntill all the generacion that had done euell in the syghte of the Lorde were consumed.
  14. And beholde ye are rysen vp in youre fathers stede the encrease of synfull men to augmente the ferse wrath of the Lorde to Israel warde.
  15. For yf ye turne awaye from after him he wyll yet agayne leue the people in the wildernesse so shall ye destroy all this folke.
  16. And they went nere him ad sayed: we will bylde shepefoldes here for oure shepe and for oure catell and cities for oure childern:
  17. But we oure selues will go ready armed before ye childern of Israel vntill we haue broughte them vnto their place. And oure childre shall dwell in the stronge cities because of the inhabiters of the londe.
  18. And we will not returne vnto oure housses vntill the childern off Israel haue enhereted: euery man his enheritaunce.
  19. For we will not enheret with them on yonder syde Jordane forwarde because oure enheritaunce is fasten to vs on this syde Jordane eastwarde.
  20. And Moses sayed vnto them: Yf ye will do this thinge that ye will go all harnessed before the Lorde to warre
  21. and will go all of you in harnesse ouer Jordane before ye Lorde vntill he haue cast out his enemyes before him
  22. and vntill the londe be subdued before ye Lorde: then ye shall returne and be without sinne agenst the Lorde and agenst Israel and this lode shalbe youre possession before the Lorde.
  23. But and yf ye will not do so beholde ye synne agenst the Lorde: ad be sure youre synne will fynde you out.
  24. Bilde youre cities for youre childern and foldes for youre shepe and se ye do yt ye haue spoken.
  25. And the childern of Gad and of Ruben spake vnto Moses sayenge: thy servauntes will do as my lorde commaundeth.
  26. Oure childre oure wiues substace and all oure catell shall remayne here in the cities of Gilead.
  27. But we thi servauntes will goo all harnessed for the warre vnto batayle before the Lorde as my lorde hath sayed.
  28. And Moses comauded Eleazer ye preast and Josua ye sonne of Nun and the aunciet hedes of the tribes of the childern of Israel
  29. and sayed vnto them: Yf the childern of Gad and Ruben will goo with you ouer Jordane all prepared to syghte before the Lorde: then when the lande is subdued vnto you geue them the londe of Gilead to possesse
  30. but and yf they will not goo ouer with you in harnesse then they shall haue their possessions amonge you in ye londe of Canaan.
  31. And the childern of Gad and Ruben answered sayenge: that which ye Lorde hath sayed vnto thi seruautes we will doo
  32. We wil goo harnessed before the Lorde into the londe of Canaan and the possession of oure enheritaunce shalbe on this syde the Jordane.
  33. And Moses gaue vnto ye childern of Gad and of Ruben and vnto halfe the trybe of Manasse the sonne of Joseph the kyngdome of Sibon kynge of the Amorites and the kyngdome of Og kynge of Basan the lande that longed vnto the cities thereof in the costes of the contre rounde aboute.
  34. And the childern of Gad bylt Dibo ataroth Aroer
  35. Atroth Sophan Jaeser Jegabeha
  36. Bethnimra and Betharan stronge cities and they bylt foldes for their shepe.
  37. And the childern of Ruben bylt Hesebon Elalea Kiriathaim
  38. Nebo Baal Meon and turned their names and Sibama also: and gaue names vnto the cities which they bylt.
  39. And the childern of Machir the sonne of Manasse went to Gilead and toke it and put out the Amorites yt were therin.
  40. And Moses gaue Gilead vnto Machir the sonne of Manasse and he dwelt therein.
  41. And Jair the sonne of Manasse wet and toke ye small townes thereof and called the the townes of Jair.
  42. And Nobah went and toke kenath with the townes longinge thereto and called it Nobah after his awne name.
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