Numbers: Chapter 31 (1534)

The boke of Numeri. The .xxxi. Chapter.

  1. And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge:
  2. auenge the childern of Israel of the Madianites and afterwarde be gathered vnto thy people.
  3. And Moses spake vnto the folke sayenge: Harnesse some of you vnto warre and let them goo apon the Madianites and auenge the Lorde of the Madianitis.
  4. Ye shall sende vnto the warre a thousande of euery trybe thorow out all the trybes of Israel.
  5. And there were taken oute of the thousandes of Israel .xij. thousande prepared vnto warre of euery trybe a thousande.
  6. And Moses sent them a thousande of euery trybe with Phineas the sonne of Eleazer the preaste to warre and the holye vessels and the trompettes to blowe with in his honde.
  7. And they warred agenst the Madianites as the Lorde commaunded Moses ad slewe all the males.
  8. And they slewe the kynges of Madian among other that were slayne: Eui Rekem Zur Hur and Reba: fyue kynges of Madian. And they slewe Bala the sonne of Beor with the swerde.
  9. And the childern of Israel toke all the wemen of Madian presoners and their childern and spoyled all their catell their substance and their goodes.
  10. And they burnt all their cities wherein they dwelt and all their castels with fyre.
  11. And they toke all the spoyle and all they coude catche both of men and beestes.
  12. And they broughte the captynes and that which they had taken and all the spoyle vnto Moses and Eleazer the preast ad vnto the companye of the childern of Israel: euen vnto the hoste in ye feldes of Moab by Jordanenye to Jericho.
  13. And Moses and Eleazer the preast and all the lordes of the congregacion went out of the hoste agenst them.
  14. And Moses was angrie with the officers of the hoste with ye captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundredes which came from warre and batayle
  15. and sayde vnto them: Haue ye saued the wemen alyue?
  16. beholde these caused the childern of Israel thorow Balam to commytt trespace agest ye Lorde by ye reason of Peor and their folowed a plage amoge ye congregacion of the Lorde.
  17. Nowe therfore slee all the men childern and the wemen that haue lyen with men fleshlye:
  18. But all the wemen children that haue not lyen with men kepe alyue for youre selues.
  19. And lodge without the hoste .vij. dayes all that haue killed any persone and all that haue twiched any dead body and purifye both youre selues and youre presoners the .iij. daye and the .vij.
  20. And sprinkle all youre raymentes and all that is made of skynnes and all worke of gootes heer ad all thynges made of wodd.
  21. And Eleazer the preast sayed vnto all ye me of warre which went out to batayle: this is the ordinaunce of the lawe which the Lorde commaunded Moses:
  22. Gold syluer brasse yeron tyn and leed
  23. and all that maye abyde ye fyre ye shall make it goo thorow the fyre ad then it is cleane. Neuerthelater it shalbe sprinkled with sprinklinge water. And all yt soffereth not the fyre ye shall make goo thorow the water.
  24. And wash youre clothes the seuenth daye and then ye are cleane. And afterwarde come in to the hoste.
  25. And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge:
  26. take the summe of the praye that was taken both of the weme and of catell thou and Eleazer the preast and the auncient heedes of ye congregacion.
  27. And deuyde it in to two parties betwene them that toke the warre vppo the and went out to batayle and all the congregacion.
  28. And take a porcion vnto the Lorde of the men of warre whiche went oute to batayle one of fyue hundred of the wemen and of the oxen and of the asses and of the shepe:
  29. and ye shall take it of their halfe and geue it vnto Eleazer the preast an heueofferynge vnto the Lorde.
  30. And of the halfe of ye childern of Israel take one of fyftye of ye wemen of the oxen of the asses and of the shepe and of all maner of beestes and geue them vnto the leuites which wayte apon ye habitacion of the Lorde.
  31. And Moses and Eleazer the preast did as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
  32. And ye botye and the praye which the men of warre had caught was .vi. hundred thousande and lxxv. thousande shepe:
  33. ad .lxxij. thousande oxen:
  34. and .lxi. thousande asses:
  35. and .xxxij. thousande wemen that had lyen by no man.
  36. And the halfe which was the parte of the that wet out to warre was .iij. hundred thousande and .xxxvij. thousande and fyue hundred shepe:
  37. And the Lordes parte of the shepe was .vi. hundred and .lxxv.
  38. And the oxen were .xxxvi. thousande of which the Lordes parte was .lxxij..
  39. And the asses were .xxx. thousande and fyue hundred of whiche the Lordes parte was .lxi..
  40. And the wemen were .xvi. thousande of which the Lordes parte was .xxxij. soules.
  41. And Moses gaue that summe which was the Lordes heueofferynge vnto Eleazer the preast: as the Lorde comaunded Moses.
  42. And the other halfe of the childern of Israel whiche Moses seperated from the men of warre
  43. (that is to wete the halfe that pertayned vnto the congregacion) was .iij. hundred thousande and .xxxvij. thousande and fyue hundred shepe:
  44. and .xxxvi. thousande oxen:
  45. and .xxx. thousande asses and fyue hudred:
  46. and .xvi. thousande wemen.
  47. And Moses toke of this halfe that pertayned vnto the childern of Israel: one of euery fyftie both of the wemen and of the catell and gaue them vnto the leuites which wayted vppon the habitacion of the Lorde as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
  48. And the officers of thousandes of the hoste the captaynes ouer the thousandes and the captaynes ouer the hundreds came forth and sayed vnto Moses:
  49. Thy servauntes haue taken the summe of the men of warre which were vnder oure hande and there lacked not one man of them.
  50. We haue therfore broughte a present vnto the Lorde what euery man founde of Jewels of golde cheyns bracelettes ringes earynges and spangels to make an attonement for oure soules before the Lorde.
  51. And Moses and Eleazer toke the golde off them: Jewels of all maner facions.
  52. And all the golde of the heueoffrynge of the Lord of the captaynes ouer thousandes and hundreds was .xvi. thousand .vij. hundred and .l. sycles
  53. which ye me of warre had spoyled euery man for him selfe.
  54. And Moses and Eleazer ye preast toke the golde of the captaynes ouer the thousandes and ouer the hundreds and brought it in to the tabernacle of witnesse: to be a memoriall vnto ye childern of Israel before ye Lorde.
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