Numbers: Chapter 30 (1534)

The boke of Numeri. The .xxx. Chapter.

  1. And Moses spake vnto the heedes of the trybes of ye childern of Israel sayege: this is the thynge which the Lorde commaundeth.
  2. Yf a man vowe a vowe vnto the Lorde or swere an othe ad bynde his soule he shall not goo backe with his worde: but shal fulfyll all ye proceadeth out of his mouth
  3. Yf a damsell vowe a vowe vnto ye Lorde and binde herselfe beynge in hir fathers housse and vnmaried:
  4. Yf hir father heare hir vowe and bonde which she hath made vppon hir soule and holde his pease thereto: then all hir vowes and bodes which she hath made vppo hir soule shall stonde in effecte.
  5. But and yf hir father forbyd her the same daye that he heareth it none of hir vowes nor bondes which she hath made vppon hir soule shalbe of value ad the Lorde shall forgeue her because hir father forbade her.
  6. Yf she had an husbonde when she vowed or pronounsed oughte out of hir lippes wherewith she bonde hir soule
  7. and hir husbonde herde it and helde his peace thereat the same daye he herde it: Then hir vowes and hir bondes wherewith she bounde hir soule shal stonde in effecte.
  8. But ad yf hir husbonde forbade her the same daye that he herde it than hath he made hir vowe which she had vppo her of none effecte and that also whiche she pronounsed with hir lippes wherewith she bounde hir soule and the Lorde shall forgeue her.
  9. The vowe of a wedowe and of her that is deuorsed and all that they haue bound their soules with all shall stonde in effecte with them.
  10. Yf she vowed in her husbandes housse or bounde her soule with an oth
  11. and her husbande herde it and helde his peace and forbade her not: then all her vowes and bondes wherewith she bound her soule shall stode.
  12. But yf her husbande disanulled them ye same daye that he herde them then nothing that proceded out of her lippes in vowes ad boundes wherewith she bounde her soule shall stonde in effecte: for her husbande hath lowsed them and the Lorde shall forgeue her.
  13. All vowes and othes that binde to humble the soule maye her husbande stablish or breake.
  14. But yf her husbande hold his peace from one daye vnto another then he stablisheth all her vowes and boundes whiche she had vppon her because he helde his peace the same daye that he herde them.
  15. And yf he afterwarde breake them he shall beare her synne him self.
  16. These are the ordinaunces which ye Lorde commaunded Moses betwene a man and his wife and betwene the father and his doughter beyenge a damsell in hir fathers housse.
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