Numbers: Chapter 27 (1534)

The boke of Numeri. The .xxvij. Chapter.

  1. And the doughters of Zelaphead the sonne of Heber the sonne of Gilead the sonne of Machir the sonne of Manasse of the kinredes of Manasse the sonne of Joseph (whose names were Mahela Noa Hagla Melcha and Thirza)
  2. came and stode before Moses and Eleazer the preast ad before the lordes and all the multitude in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse sayenge:
  3. oure father dyed in the wildernesse and was not amonge the companye of them that gathered them selues together agenst the Lorde in the congregacion of Corah: But dyed in his awne synne and had no sonnes.
  4. Wherfore shulde the name of oure fathers be taken awaye from amonge hys kynred because he had no sonne? Geue vnto vs a possessyon amonge the brethern of oure father.
  5. And Moses broughte their cause before the Lorde.
  6. And ye Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge:
  7. The doughters of Zelaphead speke righte: thou shalt geue them a possession to enherett amonge their fathers brethern and shall turne the enheritaunce of their father vnto them.
  8. And speake vnto the childern of Israel sayenge: Yf a man dye and haue no sonne ye shall turne his enheritaunce vnto his doughter.
  9. Yf he haue no doughter ye shall geue his enheritaunce vnto his brethern.
  10. Yf he haue no brethern ye shall geue his enheritaunce vnto his fathers brethern.
  11. Yf he haue no fathers brethern ye shall geue his enheritaunce vnto him that is nexte to him of his kinred and let him possesse it. And this shalbe vnto the childern of Israel an ordynaunce and a lawe as the Lorde hath commauded Moses.
  12. And the Lorde sayed vnto Moses: get ye vpp in to this mount Aabrim and beholde the londe which I haue geuen vnto the children of Israel.
  13. And whe thou hast sene it thou shalt be gathered vnto thy people also as Aaron thy brother was gathered vnto his people.
  14. For ye were disobedient vnto my mouthe in the deserte of Zin in ye stryfe of the congregacion that ye sanctified me not in the water before their eyes. That is the water of stryfe in cades in the wildernesse of Zin.
  15. And Moses spake vnto the Lorde sayenge:
  16.  let the Lorde God of the spirites of all flesh sett a man ouer the congregacion
  17. which maye goo in and out before them and to lede them in and oute that the congregacion of the Lorde be not as a flocke of shepe without a sheparde.
  18. And ye Lorde sayed vnto Moses: take Josua the sonne of Nun in whom there is spirite and put thyne handes apon him
  19. and set him before Eleazer the preast and before all the congregacion and geue him a charge in their syghte.
  20. And put of thi prayse apon him that all the companye of ye childern of Israel maye heare.
  21. And he shall stonde before Eleazer ye preast which shall are councell for him after ye maner of the  lighte before ye Lorde: And at the mouth of Eleazer shall both he and all the childern of Israel with him and all the congregacion goo in and out.
  22. And Moses dyd as the Lorde commauded him and he toke Josua and sett him before Eleazer the preast and before all the congregacion
  23. and  put his handes apon him and gaue him a charge as the Lorde commaunded thorow the hande of Moses.
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O Faithful and merciful Moses full unlike our Balams.
There was of likelihood a bright stone in the ephod, wherein the high priest looked and saw the will of God in times of need, as thou mayst see in the story of David.
This was the manner of the Hebrews to make their officers and of this manner did the apostle make deacons, priests and bishops, without any other ceremony as thou seest in the Acts, and mayst gather of Paul to Timothy.