Numbers: Chapter 24 (1534)

The boke of Numeri. The .xxiiij. Chapter.

  1. When Balam sawe that it pleased ye Lorde that he shulde blesse Israel he went not as he dyd twyse before to fett sothsayenge but sett his face towarde ye wildernesse
  2. and lyfte vpp his eyes and loked apon Israel as he laye with his trybes and the spirite of God came apon him.
  3. And he toke vp his parable and sayed: Bala the sonne of Beor hath sayed
  4. and the man whose eye is open hath sayed: he hath sayed which heareth the wordes of God and seeth the visions of the allmightie which falleth downe and his eyes are opened.
  5. How goodly are the tentes of Jacob and thine habitacions Israel
  6. euen as the brode valeyes and as gardens by the ryuerssyde as the tentes which the Lorde hath pitched and as ciperstrees apon the water.
  7. The water shall flowe out of his boket and his seed shall be many waters and his kynge shalbe hyer then Agag And his kyngdome shalbe exalted.
  8. God that broughte him out of Egipte is as the strenght of an vnycorne vnto him and he shall eate the nacions that are his enemies and breake their bones and perse them thorow with his arowes.
  9. He couched him selfe and laye doune as a lion and as a lyonesse who shall stere him vp? blessed is he that blesseth the ad cursed is he that curseth the.
  10. And Balac was wroth with balam and smote his handes together and sayed vnto him: I sent for the to curse myne enemyes: and beholde thou hast blessed them this thre tymes
  11. and now gett the quyckly vnto thi place. I thoughte that I wolde promote the vnto honoure but the Lorde hath kepte the backe from worshepe.
  12. And Balam sayed vnto Balac: tolde I not thi messegers which thou sentest vnto me sayenge:
  13. Yf balac wolde geue me his house ful of syluer ad golde I can not passe the mouth of the Lorde to doo ether good or bad of myne awne mynde. What the Lorde sayeth that must I speake.
  14. And now beholde I goo vnto my people: come let me shewe the what this people shall doo to thi folke in the later dayes.
  15. And he began his parable ad sayed: Balam the sonne of Beor hath sayed and ye man that hath his eye open hath sayed
  16. and he hath sayed that heareth the wordes of God and hath the knowlege of the most hye and beholdeth ye vision of the allmightie and when he falleth downe hath his eyes opened.
  17. I se him but not now I beholde him but not nye. There shall come a starre of Jacob and ryse a cepter of Israel which shall smyte ye coostes of Moab and vndermyne all the childern of Seth.
  18. And Edom shalbe his possession and ye possession of Seir shalbe their enimyes and Israel shall doo manfully.
  19. And out of Jacob shall come he that shall destroye the remnaut of the cities.
  20. And he loked on Amaleck and began his parable and sayed: Amaleck is the first of the nacions but his latter ende shall perysh utterly.
  21. And he loked on the Kenites and toke his parable and sayed: stronge is thi dwellynge place and put thinest apon a rocke
  22. Neuerthelater thou shalt be a burnynge to Kain vntill Assur take ye prisoner.
  23. And he toke his parable and sayed: Alas who shall lyue when God doeth this?
  24. The shippes shall come out of the coste of Cittim and subdue Assur and subdue Eber and he him selfe shall perysh at the last.
  25. And Balam rose vp and went and dwelt in his place: and Balac also went his waye.
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