Numbers: Chapter 17 (1534)

The boke of Numeri. The .xvij. Chapter.

  1. And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge:
  2. speake vnto the childern of Israel and take of them for euery pryncypall housse a rod of their princes ouer the housses of their fathers: euen .xij. roddes and wryte euery mans name apon his rod.
  3. And wryte Aarons name apon the staffe of Leui: for euery heedman ouer the housses of their fathers shall haue a rod.
  4. And put the in the tabernacle of witnesse where I wyll mete you.
  5. And his rod whom I chose shall blossome: So I wyll make cease from me the grudgynges of the childern of Israel which they grudge agenst you.
  6. And Moses spake vnto the childern off Israel and all the prynces gaue him for euery prynce ouer their fathers housses a rod: euen .xij. roddes and the rod of Aaron was amonge the rodes.
  7. And Moses put ye roddes before the Lorde in the tabernacle of witnesse.
  8. And on the morowe Moses went in to the tabernacle: and beholde the rod of Aaron of the housse of Leui was budded and bare blosomes and almondes.
  9. And Moses broughte out all the staues from before the Lorde vnto all the childern of Israel and thei loked apon them and toke euery man his staffe.
  10. And the Lorde sayed vnto Moses: brynge Aarons rod agayne before the witnesse to be kepte for a token vnto the childern of rebellyon that their murmurynges maye ceasse fro me that they dye not.
  11. And Moses dyd as the Lorde commaunded him.
  12. And the childern of Israel spake vnto Moses sayenge: beholde we are destroyed and all come to nought:
  13. for whosoeuer cometh nye the dwellynge of the Lord dyeth. Shall we vtterly consume awaye?
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