Matthew: Chapter 26 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Mathew. The .xxvi. Chapter.

  1. And it came to passe when Jesus had fynisshed all these sayinges he sayd vnto his disciples:
  2. Ye knowe that after ii. dayes shalbe ester and the sonne of man shalbe delyvered to be crucified.
  3. Then assembled togedder the chefe prestes and the scribes and the elders of the people to the palice of the hye preste called Cayphas
  4. and heelde a counsell how they mygt take Jesus by suttelte and kyll him.
  5. But they sayd not on the holy daye lest eny vproure aryse amonge the people.
  6. When Jesus was in Bethany in the house of Symon the leper
  7. ther came vnto him a woman which had an alablaster boxe of precious oyntment and powred it on his heed as he sate at the bourde.
  8. When his disciples sawe that they had indignacion sayinge: what neded this wast?
  9. This oyntmet myght have bene well solde and geven to the povre.
  10. When Jesus vnderstod that he sayde vnto the: why trouble ye the woman? She hath wrought a good worke apon me.
  11. For ye shall have povre folcke alwayes with you: but me shall ye not have all wayes.
  12. And in yt she casted this oyntment on my bodye she dyd it to burye me wt all.
  13. Verely I saye vnto you wheresoever this gospell shalbe preached throughoute all the worlde there shall also this that she hath done be tolde for a memoriall of her.
  14. Then one of the twelve called Judas Iscarioth went vnto the chefe prestes
  15. and sayd: what will ye geve me and I will deliver him vnto you? And they apoynted vnto him thirty peces of sylver.
  16. And from that tyme he sought oportunite to betraye him.
  17. The fyrst daye of swete breed ye disciples cam to Jesus sayinge vnto him: where wylt thou that we prepare for ye to eate ye paschall lambe?
  18. And he sayd: Go into the cite vnto soche a man and saye to him: the master sayeth my tyme is at hande I will kepe myne ester at thy housse with my disciples.
  19. And the disciples did as Jesus had apoynted them and made redy the esterlambe.
  20. When the even was come he sate doune wt the .xii.
  21. And as they dyd eate he sayde: Verely I saye vnto you that one of you shall betraye me.
  22. And they were excedinge sorowfull and beganne every one of the to saye vnto him: is it I master?
  23. He answered and sayde: he yt deppeth his honde wt me in ye disshe the same shall betraye me.
  24. The sonne of ma goeth as it is written of him: but wo be to yt ma by whom ye sonne of man shalbe betrayed. It had bene good for that man yf he had never bene borne.
  25. Then Judas wich betrayed him answered and sayde: is it I master? He sayde vnto him: thou hast sayde.
  26. As they dyd eate Jesus toke breed and gave thankes brake it and gave it to the disciples and sayde: Take eate this is my body.
  27. And he toke the cup and thanked and gave it them sayinge: drinke of it every one.
  28. For this is my bloude of the new testament that shalbe shedde for many for the remission of synnes.
  29. I saye vnto you: I will not drinke hence forth of this frute of the vyne tree vntyll that daye when I shall drinke it new with you in my fathers kyngdome.
  30. And when they had sayde grace they went out into mounte olyvete.
  31. Then sayd Jesus vnto them: all ye shall be offended by me this night. For it is wrytten. I will smyte ye shepe herde and the shepe of ye flocke shalbe scattered abroode.
  32. But after I am rysen ageyne I will goo before you into Galile.
  33. Peter answered and sayde vnto him: though all men shulde be offended by ye yet wolde I never be offended.
  34. Jesus sayde vnto him. Verely I saye vnto ye that this same night before the cocke crowe thou shalt denye me thryse.
  35. Peter sayde vnto him: Yf I shulde dye with ye yet wolde I not denye ye Lyke wyse also sayde all ye disciples.
  36. Then went Jesus with them into a place which is called Gethsemane and sayde vnto the disciples syt ye here whyll I go and praye yonder.
  37. And he toke with him Peter and the two sonnes of zebede and began to wexe sorowfull and to be in an agonye.
  38. Then sayd Jesus vnto them: my soule is hevy even vnto the deeth. Tary ye here and watche wt me.
  39. And he went a lytell aparte and fell flat on his face and prayed sayinge: O my father yf it be possible let this cuppe passe from me: neverthelesse not as I wyll but as thou wylt.
  40. And he came vnto the disciples and founde them a slepe and sayde to Peter: what coulde ye not watche with me one houre:
  41. watche and praye that ye fall not into temptacion. The spirite is willynge but the flesshe is weake.
  42. He went awaye once moare and prayed sayinge: O my father yf this cuppe can not passe away from me but yt I drinke of it thy wyll be fulfylled.
  43. And he came and founde the a slepe agayne. For their eyes were hevy.
  44. And he lefte them and went agayne and prayed ye thrid tyme sayinge ye same wordes.
  45. 45 Then came he to his disciples and sayd vnto them: Slepe hence forth and take youre reest. Take hede the houre is at honde and ye sonne of man shalbe betrayed into ye hondes of synners.
  46. Ryse let vs be goinge: beholde he is at honde yt shall betraye me.
  47. Whyll he yet spake: lo Judas one of ye xii. came and wt him a greate multitude wt sweardes and staves sent from the chefe prestes and elders of the people.
  48. And he that betrayed him had geven the a token sayinge: whosoever I kysse yt same is he ley hondes on him.
  49. And forth wt all he came to Jesus and sayde: hayle master and kyssed him.
  50. And Jesus sayde vnto him: frende wherfore arte thou come? Then came they and layed hondes on Jesus and toke him.
  51. And beholde one of them which were with Jesus stretched oute his honde and drue his swearde and stroke a servaunt of the hye preste and smote of his eare.
  52. Then sayde Jesus vnto him: put vp thy swearde into his sheathe. For all that ley hond on ye swearde shall perisshe with ye swearde.
  53. Ether thinkest thou that I cannot now praye to my father and he shall geve me moo then .xii. legions of angelles?
  54. But how then shuld the scriptures be fulfylled: for so must it be.
  55. The same tyme sayd Jesus to the multitude: ye be come out as it were vnto a thefe with sweardes and staves for to take me. I sate daylie teachinge in the temple amoge you and ye toke me not.
  56. All this was done that the scriptures of the Prophetes myght be fulfilled.Then all the disciples forsoke him and fleed.
  57. And they toke Jesus and leed him to Cayphas the hye preeste where the Scribes and the Elders where assembled.
  58. And Peter folowed him a farre of vnto the hye prestes place: and went in and sate with the servauntes to se the ende.
  59. The chefe prestes and the elders and all the counsell sought false witnes agenste Jesus for to put him to deeth
  60. but founde none: in somoche that when many false witnesses cam yet founde they none. At the last came two false witnesses
  61. and sayd: This felowe sayde: I can distroye the temple of God and bylde it agayne in .iii. dayes.
  62. And the chefe preste arose and sayde to him: answerest thou nothinge? How is it yt these beare witnes ageynst the?
  63. But Jesus helde his peace: And the chefe Preeste answered and sayd to him: I charge the in the name of the lyvinge God that thou tell vs whether thou be Christ the sonne of God.
  64. Jesus sayd to him: thou haste sayd. Neverthelesse I saye vnto you hereafter shall ye se the sonne of ma syttinge on the right honde of power and come in the clowddes of the skye.
  65. Then the hye preste rent his clothes sayinge: He hath blasphemed: what nede we of eny moo witnesses? Behold now ye have hearde his blasphemy:
  66. what thinke ye? They answered and sayd: he his worthy to dye.
  67. Then spat they in his face and boffeted him with fistes. And other smote him with the palme af their hondesĀ on ye face
  68. sayinge: tell vs thou Christ who is he that smote the?
  69. Peter sate with out in the palice. And a damsell came to him sayinge: Thou also waste wt Jesus of Galilee:
  70. but he denyed before the all sayinge: I woot not what thou sayst.
  71. When he was goone out into the poorche another wenche sawe him and sayde vnto them that were there: This felowe was also with Jesus of Nazareth.
  72. And agayne he denyed with an oothe that he knew the man.
  73. And after a whyle came vnto him they yt stode bye and sayde vnto Peter: suerly thou arte even one of the for thy speache bewreyeth ye.
  74. Then beganne he to course and to sweare that he knewe not the man. And immedyatly the cocke krewe.
  75. And Peter remembred the wordes of Jesu which sayde vnto him: before the cocke crowe thou shalt deny me thryse: and went out at the dores and wepte bitterly.
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