Matthew: Chapter 24 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Mathew. The .xxiiij. Chapter.

  1. And Jesus went out and departed fro the teple: and his disciples came to hym for to shewe him the byldinge of the teple.
  2. Jesus sayde vnto the: se ye not all these thinges? Verely I saye vnto you: ther shall not be here lefte one stone vpon another that shall not be cast doune.
  3. And as he sat vpon the mout Olivete his disciples came vnto hym secretely sayinge. Tell vs when these thinges shalbe? And what signe shalbe of thy comynge and of the ende of the worlde?
  4. And Jesus answered and sayde vnto them: take hede that no ma deceave you.
  5. For many shall come in my name sayinge: I am Christ and shall deceave many.
  6. Ye shall heare of warres and of the fame of warres: but se yt ye be not troubled. For all these thinges must come to passe but the ende is not yet.
  7. For nacio shall ryse ageynste nacio and realme ageynste realme: and ther shalbe pestilence honger and erthquakes in all quarters.
  8. All these are the beginninge of sorowes.
  9. Then shall they put you to trouble and shall kyll you: and ye shalbe hated of all nacions for my names sake.
  10. And then shall many be offended and shall betraye one another and shall hate one the other.
  11. And many falce Prophetes shall aryse and shall deceave many.
  12. And because iniquite shall have the vpper hande the love of many shall abate.
  13. But he that endureth to the ende the same shalbe safe.
  14. And this gladtidingees of the kyngdome shalbe preached in all the worlde for a witnes vnto all nacions: and then shall the ende come.
  15. When ye therfore shall se ye abhominacio that betokeneth desolacion spoken of by Daniell the Prophet stonde in ye holy place: let him that redeth it vnderstonde it.
  16. Then let them which be in Jury flye into the moutaynes.
  17. And let him which is on ye housse toppe not come downe to fet eny thinge out of his housse.
  18. Nether let him which is in ye felde returne backe to fetche his clothes.
  19. Wo be in those dayes to the that are wt chylde and to the yt geve sucke.
  20. But praye yt youre flight be not in ye winter nether on ye saboth daye.
  21. For then shalbe greate tribulacio suche as was not fro the beginninge of the worlde to this tyme ner shalbe.
  22. Ye and except those dayes shuld be shortened there shuld no fleshe be saved: but for ye chosens sake those dayes shalbe shortened.
  23. Then yf eny ma shall saye vnto you: lo here is Christ or there is Christ: beleve it not.
  24. For there shall arise false christes and false prophete and shall do great myracles and wondres. In so moche yt if it were possible ye verie electe shuld be deceaved.
  25. Take hede I have tolde you before.
  26. Wherfore if they shall saye vnto you: beholde he is in ye desert go not forth: beholde he is in ye secret places beleve not.
  27. For as ye lightninge cometh out of ye eest and shyneth vnto the weest: so shall the comynge of the sonne of ma be.
  28. For wheresoever a deed karkas is eve thyther will the egles resorte.
  29. Immediatly after the tribulacios of those dayes shall the sunne be derkened: and ye mone shall not geve hir light and the starre shall fall from heve and the powers of heve shall move.
  30. And then shall appere the sygne of the sonne of man in heven. And then shall all the kynreddes of the erth morne and they shall se the sonne of man come in the cloudes of heven with power and greate glorie.
  31. And he shall sende his angeles with the greate voyce of a trope and they shall gader to gether his chosen from the fower wyndes and from the one ende of the worlde to the other.
  32. Learne, a similitude of the fygge tree: when his braunches are yet tender and his leves sproge ye knowe that sommer is nye.
  33. So lyke wyse ye when ye see all these thynges be ye sure that it is neare even at the dores.
  34. Verely I saye vnto you that this generacion shall not passe tyll all these be fulfilled.
  35. Heven and erth shall perisshe: but my wordes shall abyde.
  36. But of that daye and houre knowith no man no not ye angels of heve but my father only.
  37. As the tyme of Noe was so lyke wyse shall the cominge of ye sonne of man be.
  38. For as in ye dayes before ye floud: they dyd eate and drynke mary and were maried eve vnto ye daye that Noe entred into the shyppe
  39. and knewe of nothynge tyll the floude came and toke them all awaye. So shall also the commynge of the sonne of man be.
  40. Then two shalbe in the feldes the one shalbe receaved and the other shalbe refused
  41. two shalbe gryndinge at ye myll: ye oue shalbe receaved and ye other shalbe refused.
  42. Wake therfore because ye knowe not what houre youre master wyll come.
  43. Of this be sure that yf the good man of the housse knewe what houre the thefe wolde come: he wolde suerly watche and not suffre his housse to be broke vppe.
  44. Therfore be ye also redy for in ye houre ye thinke he wolde not: wyll the sonne of ma come.
  45. If there be any faithfull servaut and wyse whome his master hath made ruler over his housholde to geve the meate in season covenient:
  46. happy is that servaunt whom his master (when he cometh) shall finde so doinge.
  47. Verely I saye vnto you he shall make him ruler over all his goodes.
  48. But and yf that evill servaut shall saye in his herte my master wyll defer his comynge
  49. and beginne to smyte his felowes ye and to eate and to drinke with the dronke:
  50. that servauntes master wyll come in adaye when he loketh not for him and in an houre yt he is not ware of
  51. and wyll devyde him and geve him his rewarde with ypocrites. There shalbe wepinge and gnasshinge of tethe.
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