Matthew: Chapter 23 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Mathew. The .xxiij. Chapter.

  1. Then spake Jesus to the people and to his disciples
  2. sayinge. The Scribes and the Pharises sit in Moses seate.
  3. All therfore whatsoever they byd you observe that observe and do: but after their workes do not:
  4. For they saye and do not. Ye and they bynde hevy burthes and grevous to be borne and ley the on menes shulders: but they themsylfes will not heave at them with one of their fyngers.
  5. All their workes they do for to be sene of me. They set abroade their philateries and make large borders on there garmetes
  6. and love to sit vppermooste at feastes and to have the chefe seates in the synagoges
  7. and gretinges in the marketes and to be called of men Rabi.
  8. But ye shall not suffre youre selves to be called Rabi. For one is youre master that is to wyt Christ and all ye are brethre.
  9. And call no man youre father vpon the erth for there is but one youre father and he is in heven.
  10. Be not called masters for there is but one youre master and he is Christ.
  11. He that is greatest amoge you shalbe youre seruaunte.
  12. But whosoever exalteth himsilfe shalbe brought lowe. And he yt hubleth himsilfe shalbe exalted.
  13. Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites for ye shutte vp the kyngdome of heve before men: ye youre selves goo not in nether suffre ye them that come to enter in.
  14. Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites: ye devoure widdowes houses and that vnder a coloure of praying longe prayers: wherfore ye shall receave greater damnacion.
  15. Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites which compasse see and londe to bringe one in to youre belefe: and when he ys brought ye make him two folde more the chylde of hell then ye youre selves are.
  16. Wo be vnto you blynd gides which saye whosoever sweare by the teple it is no thinge: but whosoever sweare by the golde of the temple he offendeth.
  17. Ye foles and blinde? whether is greater the golde or the teple that sanctifieth ye golde.
  18. And whosoever sweareth by the aulter it is nothinge: but whosoever sweareth by ye offeringe yt lyeth on ye aultre offendeth.
  19. Ye foles and blinde: whether is greater ye offeringe or ye aultre which sanctifieth ye offeringe?
  20. Whosoever therfore sweareth by ye aultre sweareth by it and by all yt there on is.
  21. And whosoever sweareth by the teple sweareth by it and by hym yt dwelleth therin.
  22. And he that sweareth by heve swereth by the seate of God and by hym that sytteth theron.
  23. Wo be to you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites which tythe mynt annyse and comen and leave the waygthtyer mattres of ye lawe vndone: iudgemet mercy and fayth. These ought ye to have done and not to have left the othre vndone.
  24. Ye blinde gydes which strayne out a gnat and swalowe a cammyll.
  25. Wo be to you scribes and pharises ypocrites which make clene ye vtter syde of the cuppe and of the platter: but within they are full of brybery and excesse.
  26. Thou blinde Pharise clense fyrst the outsyde of the cup and platter that the ynneside of them maye be clene also.
  27. Wo be to you Scribe and Pharises ypocrite for ye are lyke vnto paynted tombes which appere beautyfull outwarde: but are wt in full of deed bones and of all fylthynes.
  28. So are ye for outwarde ye appere righteous vnto me when within ye are full of ypocrisie and iniquite.
  29. Wo be vnto you Scribes and Pharises ypocrites: ye bylde the tombes of the Prophetes and garnisshe the sepulchres of the righteous
  30. and saye: Yf we had bene in the dayes of oure fathers we wolde not have bene parteners with them in the bloud of the Prophetes.
  31. So then ye be witnesses vnto youre selfes that ye are the chyldren of them which killed the prophetes.
  32. Fulfill ye lyke wyse the measure of youre fathers.
  33. Yee serpentes and generacion of vipers how shuld ye scape ye dapnacio of hell?
  34. Wherfore beholde I sende vnto you prophetes wyse men and scribes and of the ye shall kyll and crucifie: and of the ye shall scourge in youre synagoges and persecute from cyte to cyte
  35. that vpon you maye come all the righteous bloude that was sheed vpon the erth fro the bloud of righteous Abell vnto ye bloud of zacharias the sonne of Barachias who ye slewe betwene the teple and ye altre.
  36. Verely I say vnto you all these thinges shall light vpon this generacion.
  37. Hierusalem hierusalem which kyllest prophetes and stonest the which are sent to the: how often wolde I have gadered thy chyldren to gether as the henne gadreth her chickes vnder her winges but ye wolde not:
  38. Beholde youre habitacio shalbe lefte vnto you desolate.
  39. For I saye to you ye shall not se me heceforthe tyll that ye saye: blessed is he that cometh in the name of ye Lorde.
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