Matthew: Chapter 21 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Mathew. The .xxi. Chapter.

  1. When they drewe neye vnto Jerusalem and were come to Betphage vnto mounte olivete: then sent Jesus two of his disciples
  2. saiynge to the. Go in to the toune that lyeth over agaynste you and anone ye shall fynde an asse bounde and her colte with her: lose them and bringe them vnto me.
  3. And if eny man saye ought vnto you saye ye yt the lorde hath neade of them: and streyght waye he will let them go.
  4. All this was done to fulfyll that which was spoken by the Prophet sayinge:
  5. Tell ye the doughter of Sion: beholde thy kynge cometh vnto the meke and sittinge vpon an asse and a colte the fole of an asse vsed to the yooke.
  6. The disciples went and dyd as Jesus comaunded them
  7. and brought ye asse and the colte and put on them their clothes and set him theron.
  8. And many of the people spreed their garmentes in ye waye. Other cut doune braunches fro the trees and strawed them in the waye.
  9. Moreover the people that went before and they also that came after cryed sayinge: Hosanna to ye sonne of David. Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the Lorde Hosanna in the hyest.
  10. And when he was come in to Jerusalem all the cyte was moved sayinge: who is this?
  11. And the people sayde: this is Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth a cyte of Galile.
  12. And Jesus went in to the temple of God and cast out all them that soulde and bought in the temple and overthrew the tables of the mony chaugers and the seates of them that solde doves
  13. and sayde to them: It is wrytten my housse shalbe called the housse of prayer. But ye have made it a denne of theves.
  14. And the blinde and the halt came to him in ye teple and he healed the.
  15. When the chefe prestes and scribes sawe the marveylles that he dyd and the chyldren cryinge in the teple and sayinge Hosanna to the sonne of David they disdayned
  16. and sayde vnto him: hearest thou what these saye? Jesus sayde vnto them yee: have ye never redde of the mouth of babes and suckelinges thou haste ordeyned prayse?
  17. And he lefte the and wet out of ye cite vnto Bethanie and had his abydige there.
  18. In the mornynge as he returned in to the cyte ageyne he hungred
  19. and spyed a fygge trre in the waye and came to it and founde nothinge theron but leves only and sayd to it never frute growe on the hence forwardes. And ano the fygge tree wyddered awaye.
  20. And when his disciples sawe that they marveled sayinge: Howe sone is the fygge tree wyddered awaye?
  21. Jesus answered and sayde vnto the: Verely I saye vnto you yf ye shall have faith and shall not dout ye shall not only do that which I have done to the fygge tree: but also yf ye shall saye vnto this moutayne take thy silfe awaye and cast thy silfe into the see it shalbe done.
  22. And whatsoever ye shall axe in prayer (if ye beleve) ye shall receave it.
  23. And when he was come into the teple the chefe prestes and the elders of the people came vnto him as he was teachinge and sayde: by what auctorite doest thou these thinges? and who gave the this power?
  24. Jesus answered and sayde vnto them: I also will axe of you a certayne question which if ye assoyle me I in lyke wyse wyll tell you by what auctorite I do these thinges.
  25. The baptime of John: whence was it? fro heve or of men? Then they reasoned amoge them selves sayinge: yf we shall saye fro heven he will saye vnto vs: why dyd ye not then beleve hym?
  26. But and if we shall saye of men then feare we the people. For all men helde John as a Prophet.
  27. And they answered Jesus and sayde: we cannot tell. And he lyke wyse sayd vnto them: nether tell I you by what auctorite I do these thinges.
  28. What saye ye to this? A certayne man had two sonnes and came to ye elder and sayde: sonne go and worke to daye in my vineyarde.
  29. He answered and sayde I will not: but afterwarde repented and went.
  30. Then came he to the second and sayde lyke wyse. And he answered and sayde: I will syr: yet wet not.
  31. Whether of the twayne dyd the will of the father? And they sayde vnto hym: the fyrst. Jesus sayde vnto the: verely I saye vnto you that the publicans and the harlotes shall come into ye kyngdome of God before you.
  32. For John came vnto you in the waye of rightewesnes and ye beleved hym not. But the publicans and the harlotes beleved him. And yet ye (though ye sawe it) were not yet moved with repentaunce that ye myght afterwarde have beleved hym.
  33. Herken another similitude. Ther was a certayne housholder which planted a vineyarde and hedged it roude about and made a wynpresse in it and bilt a tower and let it out to husbandmen and wet in to a straunge coutre.
  34. And when the tyme of the frute drewe neare he sent his servauntes to the husbandmen to receave the frutes of it.
  35. And ye husbandme caught his servauntes and bet one kylled another and stoned another.
  36. Agayne he sent other servantes moo then the fyrst: and they served them lyke wyse.
  37. But last of all he sent vnto the his awne sonne sayinge: they will feare my sonne.
  38. But when the husbandmen sawe the sonne they sayde amoge the selves: This is the heyre: come let vs kyll him and let vs take his inheritaunce to oure selves.
  39. And they caught him and thrust him out of the vineyarde and slewe him.
  40. When the lorde of the vyneyarde commeth what will he do wt those husbandme?
  41. They sayde vnto him: he will cruellye destroye those evyll persons and wyll let out his vyneyarde vnto other husbandmen which shall delyver him the frute at tymes convenient
  42. Jesus sayde vnto the: dyd ye never redde in the scriptures? The stone which ye bylders refused ye same is set in ye principall parte of ye corner: this was the lordes doinge and yt is mervelous in oure eyes.
  43. Therfore saye I vnto you the kyngdome of God shalbe take from you and shalbe geve to the getyls which shall brynge forth the frutes of it.
  44. And whosoever shall fall on this stone he shalbe broken but on whosoever it shall fall vpon it will grynde him to powder.
  45. And when the chefe prestes and Pharises hearde these similitudes they perceaved yt he spake of the.
  46. And they wet about to laye hondes on him but they feared ye people because they tooke him as a Prophet.
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