Matthew: Chapter 20 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Mathew. The .xx. Chapter.

  1. For the kyngdome of heven ys lyke vnto an houssholder which went out erly in the morninge to hyre labourers into hys vyneyarde.
  2. And he agreed wt the labourers for a peny a daye and sent them into his vyneyarde.
  3. And he went out about the thyrde houre and sawe other stonding ydell in the marketplace
  4. and sayd vnto them go ye also into my vyneyarde: and whatsoever is right I will geve you. And they went there waye.
  5. Agayne he wet out about the sixte and nynthe houre and dyd lyke wyse.
  6. And he went out aboute the eleventhe houre and founde other stondynge ydell and sayde vnto them: Why stonde ye here all the daye ydell?
  7. They sayde vnto hym: because no man hath hyred vs. He sayde to them: goo ye alsoo into my vyneyarde and whatsoever is right that shall ye receave.
  8. When even was come the lorde of the vyneyarde sayde vnto hys steward: call the labourers and geve them their hyre beginnyng at ye laste tyll thou come to ye fyrste.
  9. And they whiche were hyred aboute the eleventhe houre came and receaved every man a peny.
  10. Then came ye fyrst supposyng yt they shuld receave moare: and they likewyse receaved every man a peny.
  11. And when they had receaved it they murmured agaynst the good man of the housse
  12. saying: These laste have wrought but one houre and thou hast made them equall vnto vs which have born ye burthe and heet of the daye.
  13. He answered to one of the sayinge: frende I do the no wronge: dyddest thou not agre wt me for a peny?
  14. Take that which is thy duty and go thy waye. I will geve vnto this last as moche as to the.
  15. Ys it not lawfull for me to do as me listeth with myne awne? Ys thyne eye evyll because I am good?
  16. Soo the laste shalbe fyrste and the fyrste shalbe laste. For many are called and feawe be chosen.
  17. And Jesus ascended to Jerusalem and toke the .xii. disciples a parte in the waye and sayde to the.
  18. Beholde we goo vp to Jerusalem and the sonne of ma shalbe betrayed vnto ye chefe prestes and vnto the scribes and they shall condene him to deeth
  19. and shall delyvre him to the getils to be mocked to be scourged and to be crucified: and ye thyrd daye he shall ryse agayne.
  20. Then came to hym the mother of zebedes chyldren with her sonnes worshippynge him and desyringe a certayne thinge of him.
  21. And he sayd vnto her: what wilt thou have? She sayde vnto him: Gravnte that these my two sonnes may sit ye one on thy right hond and the other on ye lifte hond in thy kyngdome.
  22. Jesus answered and sayd: Ye wot not what ye axe. Are ye able to drynke of the cuppe yt I shall drynke of and to be baptised wt the baptyme that I shalbe baptised with? They answered to him that we are.
  23. And he sayd vnto the: Ye shall drinke of my cvp and shalbe baptised with the baptyme that I shalbe baptised with. But to syt on my ryght hond and on my lyst hond is not myne to geve: but to them for whom it is prepared of my father.
  24. And when the ten hearde this they disdayned at ye two brethre:
  25. But Jesus called them vnto him and sayde: Ye knowe yt the lordes of the gentyls have dominacio over them. And they that are great exercise power over the.
  26. It shall not be so amoge you. But whosoever wyll be greate amoge you let him be youre minister:
  27. and whosoever wil be chefe let him be youre servaut
  28. eve as the sonne of man came not to be ministred vnto but to minister and to geve his lyfe for the redempcion of many.
  29. And as they departed fro Hierico moche people folowed him.
  30. And beholde two blinde men sittinge by ye waysyde whe they hearde Jesus passe by cryed sayinge: Thou Lorde ye sonne of David have mercy on vs.
  31. And ye people rebuked them be cause they shulde holde their peace. But they cryed ye moare sayinge: have mercy on vs thou Lorde which arte ye sonne of David.
  32. Then Jesus stode styll and called the and sayde: what will ye that I shulde do to you:
  33. They sayd to him: Lorde that oure eyes maye be opened.
  34. Jesus had copassion on the and touched their eyes. And immediatly their eyes receaved syght. And they folowed him.
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