Matthew: Chapter 17 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Mathew. The .xvij. Chapter

  1. And after. vi. dayes Jesus toke Peter and James and Jhon his brother and brought them vp into an hye mountayne out of the waye
  2. and was transfygured before them: and his face did shyne as the sunne and his clothes were as whyte as the light.
  3. And beholde ther appered vnto the Moses and Helyas talkinge with him.
  4. Then answered Peter and sayde to Jesus: master here is good beinge for vs. If thou wylt leet vs make here .iii. tabernacles one for the and one for Moses and one for Helyas.
  5. Whyll he yet spake beholde a bright cloude shadowed them. And beholde there came a voyce out of ye cloude sayinge: this is my deare sonne in whom I delite heare him.
  6. And when the disciples hearde that they fell on their faces and were soore afrayed.
  7. And Jesus came and touched them and sayde: aryse and be not afrayed.
  8. And when they looked vp they saw no man saue Jesus onely.
  9. And as they came doune from the mountayne Jesus charged them sayinge: se yt ye shewe the vision to no man vntyll the sonne of man be rysen ageyne from deeth.
  10. And his disciples axed of him sayinge: Why then saye the scribes yt Helyas muste fyrst come?
  11. Jesus answered and sayd vnto them: Helyas shall fyrst come and restore all thinges.
  12. And I saye vnto you yt Helyas is come alredy and they knewe him not: but have done vnto him whatsoever they lusted. In lyke wyse shall also the sonne of man suffre of the.
  13. Then ye disciples perceaved that he spake vnto them of Jhon baptist.
  14. And when they were come to ye people ther cam to him a certayne man and kneled doune to him and sayde:
  15. Master have mercy on my sonne for he is franticke: and is sore vexed. And oft tymes he falleth into the fyre and oft into ye water
  16. And I brought him to thy disciples and they coulde not heale him.
  17. Jesus answered and sayde: O generacion faythles and croked: how longe shall I be with you? how longe shall I suffre you? bring him hidder to me.
  18. And Jesus rebuked the devyll and he ca out of him. And ye child was healed even yt same houre.
  19. Then came the disciples to Jesus secretly and sayde: Why could not we cast him out?
  20. Jesus sayd vnto the: Because of youre vnbelefe For I saye veryly vnto you: yf ye had faythe as a grayne of musterd seed ye shuld saye vnto this moutayne remove hence to yonder place and he shuld remove: nether shuld eny thinge be vnpossible for you to do.
  21. How be it this kynde goeth not oute but by prayer and fastinge.
  22. As they passed the tyme in Galile Jesus sayde vnto them: the sonne of man shalbe betrayed into the hondes of men
  23. and they shall kill him and the thyrd daye he shall ryse agayne. And they sorowed greatly.
  24. And when they were come to Capernau they yt were wont to gadre poll money came to Peter and sayde: Doth youre master paye tribute?
  25. He sayd: ye. And when he was come into the house Jesus spake fyrst to him saying What thinkest thou Simon? of whome do ye kynges of the erth take tribute or poll money? of their chyldren or of straungers?
  26. Peter sayde vnto him: of straungers. Then sayd Jesus vnto him agayne: Then are the chyldren fre.
  27. Neverthelesse lest we shuld offende the: goo to ye see and cast in thyne angle and take the fysshe yt fyrst cometh vp: and when thou hast opened his mouthe thou shalt fynde a pece of twentie pence: yt take and paye for me and the.
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