Matthew: Chapter 11 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Mathew. The .xi. Chapter.

  1. And it came to passe when Jesus had made an ende of comaundinge his .xii. disciples that he departed thence to teache and to preache in their cities.
  2. When Jhon beinge in preson hearde ye workes of Christ he sent two of his disciples
  3. and sayde vnto him. Arte thou he that shall come: or shall we loke for another.
  4. Jesus answered and sayde vnto them. Go and shewe Jhon what ye have hearde and sene.
  5. The blynd se the halt goo the lepers are clensed: the deef heare the ded ryse ageyne and the glad tidinges is preached to the povre.
  6. And happy is he that is not offended by me.
  7. And as they departed Jesus begane to speake vnto the people of Jhon. What for to se wet ye out in to the wyldernes? wet ye out to se a rede shake with ye wynde?
  8. other what wet ye out for to se? A man clothed in soofte raymet:? Beholde they yt weare soofte clothig are in kynges howses.
  9. But what wet ye oute for to se? A prophete? Ye I saye to you and more the a prophete.
  10. For this is he of who it is wrytte. Beholde I sende my messenger before thy face which shall prepare thy waye before ye.
  11. Verely I saye vnto you amonge ye chyldren of wemen arose there not a gretter then Jhon the baptist. Notwithstondinge he that ys lesse in the kyngdome of heven ys gretter then he.
  12. From the tyme of Jhon Baptist hytherto ye kyngdome of heve suffreth violence and they that go to it with violence pluck it vnto them.
  13. For all the prophetes and the lawe prophesyed vnto to the tyme of Jhon.
  14. Also yf ye wyll receave it this is Helyas which shuld come.
  15. He yt hathe eares to heare let him heare.
  16. But wher vnto shall I lyken this generacion? It ys lyke vnto chyldre which syt in the market and call vnto their felowes
  17. and saye: we have pyped vnto you and ye have not daunsed? We have morned vnto you and ye have not sorowed.
  18. For Jhon came nether eatinge nor drinkinge and they saye he hath the devyll.
  19. The sonne of man came eatinge and drinkinge and they saye beholde a glutton and drynker of wyne and a frend vnto publicas and synners. Never the later wysdome ys iustified of hir children.
  20. Then bega he to vpbrayd the cities in which most of his miracles were done because they meded not.
  21. Wo be to ye Chorasin. Wo be to ye Betzaida: for if the miracles which were shewd in you had bene done in Tyre and Sidon they had repented longe agone in sackcloth and asshes.
  22. Neverthelesse I say to you: it shall be esier for Tyre and Sidon at the day of iudgemet then for you.
  23. And thou Capernau which art lift vp vnto heve shalt be brought doune to hell. For if the miracles which have bene done in the had bene shewed in zodom: they had remayned to this daye.
  24. Neverthelesse I saye vnto you: it shalbe easiar for ye londe of zodo in the daye of iudgemet the for ye.
  25. At yt tyme Jesus answered and sayd: I prayse ye o father lorde of heve and erth because thou hast hid these thinges fro the wyse and prudet and hast opened the vnto babes:
  26. eve so father for so it pleased ye.
  27. All thinges are geve vnto me of my father. And noma knoweth ye sonne but ye father: nether knoweth eny ma ye father save ye sonne and he to whome ye sonne will ope him.
  28. Come vnto me all ye that laboure and are laden and I wyll ease you.
  29. Take my yoke on you and lerne of me for I am meke and lowly in herte: and ye shall fynd rest vnto youre soules.
  30. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
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