Mark: Chapter 05 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Marke. The .v. Chapter.

  1. And they cam over to the other syde of ye see in to the coutre of ye Gaderenites.
  2. And when he was come out of ye shippe there met him out of the graves a man possessyd of an vncleane sprete
  3. which had his abydinge amoge the graves. And no man coulde bynde him: no not with cheynes
  4. because that when he was often bounde wt fetters and cheynes he plucked ye chaynes asundre and brake the fetters in peaces. Nether coulde eny man tame him.
  5. And alwayes bothe nyght and daye he cryed in ye moutaynes and in ye graves and bet himsilfe wt stones.
  6. When he had spied Jesus afarre of he rane and worshipped him
  7. and cryed wt a lowde voyce and sayde: what have I to do wt the Jesus ye sonne of the moost hyest God? I requyre ye in the name of God yt thou tormet me not.
  8. For he had sayd vnto hym: come out of the man thou fowle sprete.
  9. And he axed him: what is thy name? And he answered sayinge: my name is Legion for we are many.
  10. And he prayd him instantly that he wolde not sende the awaye out of the countre.
  11. And ther was there nye vnto ye moutayns a greate heerd of swyne fedinge
  12. and all the devyls besought him sayinge: sende vs into the heerde of swyne yt we maye enter in to them.
  13. And anone Jesus gave them leave. And the vnclene spretes wet out and entred into ye swyne. And the heerd starteled and ran hedling into the see. They were about .ii.M. swyne and they were drouned in the see.
  14. And the swyne heerdes fleed and tolde it in ye cyte and in the countre. And they came out for to se what had hapened:
  15. and came to Jesus and sawe hym that was vexed wt the fende and had the legio syt both clothed and in his right mynde and were afrayed.
  16. And they that sawe it tolde them how it had happened vnto him that was possessed with the devyll: and also of the swyne.
  17. And they begane to praye him that he wolde departe fro their coostes.
  18. And when he was come in to the shyppe he that had ye devyll prayed him that he myght be with him.
  19. Howbeit Jesus wolde not suffre him but sayde vnto him: goo home in to thyne awne housse and to thy frendes and shewe the what great thinges ye Lorde hath done vnto the and how he had copassion on the.
  20. And he departed and begane to publisshe in ye ten cyties what greate thinges Jesus had done vnto him and all me dyd merveyle.
  21. And when Jesus was come over agayne by shyp vnto the other syde moche people gadered vnto him and he was nye vnto the see.
  22. And beholde ther came one of the rulers of ye Synagoge whose name was Jairus: and when he sawe him he fell doune at his fete
  23. and besought hym greatly sayinge: my doughter lyith at poynt of deeth I wolde thou woldest come and laye thy honde on her that she myght be safe and live.
  24. And he wet with him and moche people folowed him and thronged him.
  25. And ther was a certen woman which was diseased of an yssue of bloude .xii. yeres
  26. and had suffred many thinges of many phisicios and had spet all yt she had and felte none amendmet at all but wexed worsse and worsse.
  27. When she had herde of Jesus: she came into the preace behynde him and touched his garmet.
  28. For she thought: yf I maye but touche his clothes I shall be whole.
  29. And streyght waye her foutayne of bloude was dryed vp aud she felt in her body that she was healed of the plage.
  30. And Jesus immediatly felt in him silfe ye vertue that wet out of him and tourned him roude aboute in the preace and sayde: who touched my clothes?
  31. And his disciples sayde vnto him: seist thou ye people thrust the and yet axest who dyd touche me?
  32. And he loked roud about for to se her that had done that thinge.
  33. The woman feared and trembled (for she knew what was done with in her) and she came and fell doune before him and tolde him ye truth of everythinge.
  34. And he sayde to her: Doughter thy fayth hath made the whoale: goo in peace and be whole of thy plage.
  35. Whyll he yet spake ther came fro the ruler of ye synagoges housse certayne which sayde: thy doughter is deed: why diseasest thou ye master eny further?
  36. Assone as Jesus herde that worde spoke he sayde vnto the ruler of ye synagoge: be not afrayed only beleve.
  37. And he suffred no man to folowe him moo then Peter and James and Jhon the brother of James.
  38. And he came vnto the housse of the ruler of ye synagoge and sawe ye wondrynge and them that wepte and wayled greatly
  39. and went in and sayde vnto them: why make ye this adoo and wepe? The mayde is not deed but slepith.
  40. And they lawght him to scorne. Then he put them all out and toke ye father and the mother of ye mayden and them that were with him and entred in where the mayden laye
  41. and toke the mayden by the honde and sayde vnto hyr: Tabitha cumi: which is by interpretacion: mayde I saye vnto the aryse.
  42. And streyght the mayden arose and went on her fete. For she was of the age of twelve yeres. And they were astonied at it out of measure.
  43. And he charged the straytely that no man shuld knowe of it and comaunded to geve her meate.
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