Mark: Chapter 03 (1534)

The Gospell of S. Marke. The .iij. Chapter.

  1. And he entred agayne into ye synagoge and there was a man there which had a widdred honde.
  2. And they watched him to se whether he wolde heale him on the Saboth daye yt they might accuse him.
  3. And he sayde vnto ye man which had ye wyddred honde: arise and stonde in ye middes.
  4. And he sayd to them: whether is it laufull to do a good dede on ye Saboth dayes or an evyll? to save life or kyll? But they helde their peace.
  5. And he loked round aboute on them angerly mournyge on the blindnes of their hertes and sayde to the man: stretch forth thyne honde. And he stretched it oute. And his honde was restored even as whole as the other.
  6. And ye Pharises departed and streyght waye gaddred a counsell with the that belonged to Herode agaynst him yt they might destroye him.
  7. And Jesus auoyded wt his disciples to ye sea. And a greate multitude folowed him fro Galile and fro Jurie
  8. and fro Hierusalem and fro Idumea and fro beyonde Jordane: and they yt dwelled about Tyre and Sidon a greate multitude: which whe they had herde what thinges he dyd came vnto him.
  9. And he comaunded his disciples yt a shippe shuld wayte on him because of the people leste they shuld througe him.
  10. For he had healed many in somoche that they preased apon him for to touche him as many as had plages.
  11. And when the vnclene sprites sawe him they fell doune before him and cryed sayinge: thou arte the sonne of God.
  12. And he straygtly charged them that they shuld not vtter him.
  13. And he wet vp into a mountayne and called vnto him whom he wolde and they came vnto him.
  14. And he ordeyned ye .xii. that they shuld be wt him and that he myght sende the to preache:
  15. and that they might have power to heale syknesses and to cast out devyls.
  16. And he gave vnto Simon to name Peter.
  17. And he called James the sonne of zebede and John James brother and gave them Bonarges to name which is to saye the sonnes of thounder.
  18. And Andrew and Philip and Bartlemew and Mathew and Thomas and James the sonne of Alphey and Taddeus and Symon of Cane
  19. and Judas Iscarioth which same also betrayed him. And they came vnto housse
  20. and the people assembled togedder agayne so greatly that they had not leesar so moche as to eate breed.
  21. And when they that longed vnto him hearde of it they went out to holde him. For they thought he had bene beside him selfe.
  22. And ye Scribes which came fro Jerusalem sayde: he hath Belzebub and by ye power of the chefe devyll casteth out devyls.
  23. And he called them vnto him and sayde vnto them in similitudes. How can Satan drive out Satan?
  24. For yf a realme be devided ageynste it silfe that realme cannot endure.
  25. Or yf a housse be devided agaynste it silfe that housse cannot continue:
  26. So yf Sata make insurreccion agaynste himsilfe and be devided he cannot continue but is at an ende.
  27. No man can entre into a stronge mans housse and take awaye hys gooddes excepte he fyrst bynde that stronge man and then spoyle hys housse.
  28. Verely I saye vnto you all synnes shalbe forgeven vnto mens chyldren and blasphemy wherwith they blaspheme.
  29. But he that blasphemeth ye holy goost shall never have forgevenes: but is in dauger of eternall dapnacion:
  30. because they sayde he had an vnclene sprete.
  31. Then came his mother and his brethre and stode with out and sent vnto him and called him.
  32. And the people sate aboute hym and sayde vnto him: beholde thy mother and thy brethre seke for the with out.
  33. And he answered them sayinge: who is my mother and my brethre?
  34. And he loked rounde about on his disciples which sate in compasse about hym and sayde: beholde my mother and my brethren.
  35. For whosoever doeth ye will of God he is my brother my syster and mother.
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