Leviticus: Chapter 09 (1534)

The boke of Leuiticus. The .ix. Chapter.

  1. And the .viij. daye Moses called Aaron and his sonnes and the elders of Israel,
  2. and sayde vnto Aaron: take a calfe for a synneoffrynge, and a ram for a burntoffrynge: both without blemish, and brynge them before the Lorde.
  3. And vnto the childern of Israel he spake sayenge: take ye an he goote for a synneofferynge, and a calfe and a lambe bothe two of a yere olde, and without blemysh for a burntsacrifice,
  4. and an oxe and a ram for peaceoffrynges, to offer before the Lorde, and a meateofferyng myngled with oyle, for to daye the Lorde will appere vnto you.
  5. And they brought that which Moses commaunded vnto the tabernacle of witnesse, ad all the people came and stode before the Lorde.
  6. And Moses sayde, this is the thynge which the Lorde commaunded that ye shulde do: ad then the glorye of the Lorde shall appere vnto you.
  7. And Moses sayde vnto Aaron: go vnto the alter and offer thy synneofferynge, and make an attonement for the and for the people: and then offer the offerynge of the people and reconcyle them also, as the Lorde comaunded Moses.
  8. And Aaron went vnto the alter, and slewe the calfe that was his synneoffrynge.
  9. And the sonnes of Aaron broughte the bloude vnto him, and he dypte his finger in the bloude and put it apon the hornes of the alter, and poured the bloude vnto the botome of the alter.
  10. And the fatt and the two kydneyes with the kall of the lyuer of the synneoffrynge, he burnt vppon the alter, as the Lorde commaunded Moses:
  11. but the flesh and the hyde he burnt with fyre without the hoste.
  12. After warde he slewe the burntofferynge, ad Aarons sonnes brought the bloude vnto him, and he sprinkled it rounde aboute apon the alter.
  13. And they brought the burntofferynge vnto him in peces and the heed also and he burnt it apon the alter
  14. and dyd wasshe the inwardes and the legges and burnt them also apon the burntofferynge in the alter.
  15. And than he broughte the peoples offerynge and toke the goote that was the peoples synneofferynge and slewe it and offered it for a synofferynge: as he dyd the first.
  16. And then broughte the burntofferynge and offered it as the maner
  17. was and broughte the meatofferynge and fylled his hande thereof, and burnt it apon the alter besydes the burntsacrifyce in the mornynge:
  18. Then he slewe the oxe and the ram that were the peoples peaseofferynges and Aarons sonnes broughte the bloude vnto him and he sprinkled it apon the alter rounde aboute,
  19. and toke the fatt of the oxe and of the ram: the rope and the fatt that couereth the inwardes and the kydneyes and the kall of the lyuer:
  20. and put them apon the brestes and burnt it apon the alter:
  21. but the brestes and the righte shulders Aaron waued before the Lorde as the Lorde comaunded Moses.
  22.  And Aaron lifte vpp his hande ouer the people and blessed the, and came doune from offerynge of synofferynges burntofferynges ad peaseofferynges.
  23. Then Moses and Aaron wet in to the tabernacle of witnesse and came out agayne and blessed the people and the glorye of the Lorde apered vnto all the people.
  24. And there came a fyre out from before the Lorde and consumed apon the alter: the burntofferynge and the fatt. And all the people sawe it and showted, and fell on their faces.
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Of such places the bishops took their dumb blessing with two fingers: But Num. 6. thou mayst read the goodly prayer of his blessing.