Leviticus: Chapter 27 (1534)

The boke of Leuiticus. The .xxvij. Chapter.

  1. And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:
  2. speake vnto the childern of Israel and saye vnto them: Yf any man will geue a synguler vowe vnto the Lorde acordynge to the value
  3. of his soule then shall the male from .xx. yere vnto .lx. be set at fyftie sycles of syluer after the sycle of the sanctuary
  4. and the female at .xxx. sycles.
  5. And from .v. yeres to xx. the male shalbe set at .xx. sycles and the female at .x. sycles.
  6. And from a moneth vnto .v. yere the male shalbe set at .v. sycles of syluer and the female at thre.
  7. And the man that is .lx. and aboue shalbe valowed at .xv. sicles, ad the woman at .x.
  8. Yf he be to poore so to be set, the let him come before the preast: and let the preast value him acordynge as the hande of him that vowed is able to gete.
  9. Yf it be of the beestes of which men bringe an offeringe vnto the Lorde: all that any man geueth of soch vnto the Lorde shalbe holy.
  10. He maye not alter it nor chaunge it: a good for a bad or a bad for a goode. Yf he chaunge beest for beest then both the same beest and it also where with it was chaunged shall be holy.
  11. yf it be any maner of vncleane beest of which men maye not offer vnto the Lorde let him brynge the beest before the preast
  12. and let the preast value it. And whether it be good or bad as the preast setteth it so shall it be.
  13. And yf he will bye it agayne let him geue the fyfte parte moare to that it was set at.
  14. Yf any man dedicate his housse it shalbe holy vnto the Lorde. And the preast shall set it. whether it be good or bad and as the preast hath set it so it shalbe.
  15. Yf he that sanctifyed it will redeme his housse let him geue the fyfte parte of the money that it was iudged at thereto and it shalbe his.
  16. Yf a man halowe a pece of his enhereted londe vnto the Lorde it shalbe set acordynge to that it beareth. Yf it bere an homer of barlye it shall be set at fyftie sicles of syluer.
  17. yf he halowe his felde inmediatly from the trompet yere it shalbe worth acordynge as it is estemed.
  18. But and if he halowe his felde after the tropetyere the preast shall reke the price with him acordynge to the yeres that remayne vnto the tropet yere, ad there after it shalbe lower sett.
  19. Yf he that sanctifyed the felde will redeme it agayne let him put the fyfte parte of the pryce that it was set at,
  20. there vnto and it shalbe his yf he will not it shalbe redemed nomoare.
  21. But when the felde goeth out in the trompet yere it shalbe holy vnto the Lorde: euen as a thinge dedycated, ad it shall be the preastes possession.
  22. Yf a man sanctifie vnto the Lorde a felde which he hath boughte and is not of his enheritaunce
  23. then the preast shall reken with him what it is worth vnto the trompet yere and he shall geue the price that it is set at the same daye, and it shalbe holy vnto the Lorde.
  24. But in the trompet yere, the felde shall returne vnto him, of whome he boughte it, whose enheritaunce of londe it was.
  25. And all settinge shalbe acordinge to the holy sycle. One sycle maketh .xx. Geras.
  26. But the firstborne of the beestes that pertayne vnto the Lorde, maye no ma sanctifie: whether it be oxe or shepe, for they are the Lordes allredy.
  27. Yf it be an vncleane beest, then let him redeme it as it is sett at, and geue the fifte parte moare thereto. Yf it be not redemed, the let it be solde as it is rated.
  28. Notwithstondinge no dedicated thinge that a man dedicateth vnto the Lorde, of all his goode, whether it be man or beest or lande off his enheritaunce, shalbe solde or redemed: for all dedicate thiges are most holy vnto the Lorde.
  29. No dedicate thinge therfore that is dedicate of ma, may be redemed, but must nedes dye
  30. All these tithes of the londe, whether it be of the corne of the felde or frute of the trees, shalbe holy vnto the Lorde.
  31. Yf any man will redeme oughte of his tithes, let him adde the fifte parte moare thereto.
  32. And the tithes of oxen and shepe and of all that goeth vnder the herdemans kepinge, shalbe holye tithes vnto the Lorde.
  33. Men shal not loke yf it be good or bad nor shall chaunge it. Yf any man chaunge it then both it and that it was chaunged with all, shalbe holy and maye not be redemed.
  34. These are the commaundmentes whiche the Lorde gaue Moses in charge to geue vnto the childern of Israel in mount Sinai.
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