Leviticus: Chapter 02 (1534)

The boke of Leuiticus. The seconde Chapter.

  1. Yf any soule will offer a meatoffrynge vnto the Lorde, his offerynge shalbe fine floure, and he shall poure thereto oyle ad put frankencens theron
  2. and shall bringe it vnto Aarons sonnes the preastes. And one of them shall take thereout his handfull of the floure, and of the oyle with all the frankences, ad burne it for a memoriall apo the alter: an offryng of a swete sauoure vnto the Lord.
  3. And the renaunt of the meatofferynge shalbe Aarons ad his sonnes, as a thinge most holye of the sacrifices of the Lorde.
  4. Yf any ma bringe a meatoffrynge that is bake in the oue, let him brynge swete cakes of fine floure mingled with oyle, ad vnleuended wafers anoynted with oyle.
  5. Yf thy meatoffrynge be baken in the fryenge pan, then it shalbe of swete floure mingled with oyle.
  6. And thou shalt mynce it small, ad poure oyle thereon: ad so is it a meatoffrynge.
  7. Yf thy meatofferynge be a thynge broyled vppon the greadyerne, of floure myngled with oyle it shalbe.
  8. And thou shalt brynge the meatoffryng that is made of these thinges vnto the Lorde, and shalt delyuer it vnto the preast, and he shall brynge it vnto the altare
  9. and shall heue vppe parte of the meatoffrynge for a memoriall, and shall burne it apon the alter: an offerynge of a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde.
  10. And that which is left of the meatofferynge shalbe Aarons and his sonnes, as a thynge that is most holye of the offerynges off the Lorde.
  11. All the meatoffrynges which ye shall brynge vnto the Lorde, shalbe made without leue. For ye shall nether burne leuen nor honye in any offerynge of the Lorde:
  12. Notwithstondinge ye shall bryng the firstlynges of them vnto the Lorde: But they shall not come apon the alter to make a swete sauoure.
  13. All thy meatofferynges thou shalt salt with salt: nether shalt thou soffre the salt of the couenaunt of thy God to be lackynge from thy meatofferynge: but apon all thyne offerynges thou shalt brynge salt.
  14. Yf thou offer a meatofferynge of the firstripe frutes vnto the Lorde, then take of that which is yet grene and drye it by the fire ad beat it small, and so offer the meatofferynge of thy firstrype frutes.
  15. And than poure oyle thereto, and put frankencens thereon: and so it is a meatoffrynge.
  16. And the preast shall burne parte of the beten corne and parte of that oyle, with all the frakencens: for a remembraunce. That is an offerynge vnto the Lorde.
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