Leviticus: Chapter 19 (1534)

The boke of Leuiticus. The .xix. Chapter.

  1. And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge:
  2. speake vnto all the multitude of the childern of Israel, and saye vnto them. Be holy for I the Lorde youre God am holye.
  3. Se that ye feare: euery man his father and his mother, ad that ye kepe my Sabbathes, for I am the Lorde youre God.
  4. Ye shall not turne vnto ydolls nor make you goddes of metall: I am the Lorde youre God.
  5. When ye offre youre peaceofferynges vnto the Lorde, ye shall offer them that ye maye be accepted.
  6. And it shalbe eaten the same daye ye offer it and on the morowe, but what soeuer is lefte on the thirde daye shalbe burnt in the fire.
  7. Yf it be eaten the thirde daye, it shalbe vncleane ad not accepted.
  8. And he that eateth it shall bere his synne: because he hath defiled the halowed thinges of the Lorde, ad that soule shall perish from amonge his people.
  9. When ye repe doune the rype corne of youre lande, ye shal not repe doune the vtmost borders of youre feldes, nether shalt thou gather that which is left behynd in thy haruest.
  10. Thou shalt not plucke in all thy vyneyarde clene, nether gather in the grapes that are ouerscaped. But thou shalt leaue them for the pore ad straunger. I am the Lord youre God.
  11. Ye shall not steale nether lye, nether deale falsely one with another.
  12. Ye shal not swere by my name falselye: that thou defilest not the name of thy God, I am the Lorde.
  13. Thou shalt not begile thy neyghboure with cauellacios, nether robbe him violently, nether shall the workmans laboure abide with the vntyll the mornynge.
  14. Thou shalt not curse the deaffe, nether put a stomblinge blocke before the blynd: but shalt feare thy God. I am the Lorde.
  15. Ye shall doo no vnrightuousnes in iudgement. Thou shalt not fauoure the poore nor honoure the mightye, but shalt iudge thy neghboure rightuously.
  16. Thou shalt not go vp ad doune a  preuy accuser amoge thy people, nether shalt thou helpe to shed the bloude of thy neyghboure: I am the Lorde.
  17. Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thyne hart but shalt in any wyse rebuke thy neghbour: that thou bere not synne for his sake.
  18. Thou shalt not avenge thy selfe nor bere hate in thy mynde against the childern of thi people, but shalt loue thy neghboure eue as thy self I am the Lorde.
  19. Kepe myne ordinaunces. Let none of thy catell gendre with a cotrary kynde, nether sowe thy felde with myngled seed, nether shalt thou put on ony garment of lynen and wollen
  20. Yf a man haue to doo with a woman that is bonde and hath bene medled with al of another man which nether is boughte nor fredome geuen her, there shalbe a payne apon it: but they shall not dye, because she was not made fre.
  21. And he shall brynge for his trespaceofferynge vnto the Lorde: euen vnto the dore off the tabernacle of witnesse, a ram for a trespaceoffrynge.
  22. And the preast shall make an attonement for him with the ram of the trespaceofferynge before the Lord, for his synne which he hath done: and it shalbe forgeuen him, as concerninge the synne which he hath done.
  23. And when ye come to the lande ad haue plated all maner of trees where of me eate, ye shal holde them vncircumcised as concerning their frute: eue thre yere shal they be vncircucysed vnto you ad shall not be eate of,
  24. ad the fourth yere all the frute of the shalbe holy ad acceptable to the Lorde.
  25. And the fifth yere maye ye eate of the frute of the, ad gather in the encrease of them: I am the Lorde youre God.
  26. Ye shall eate nothinge with the bloude, ye shall vse no witchcrafte, nor obserue dismall dayes,
  27. ye shall not rounde the lockes of youre heedes, nether shalt thou marre the tuftes of thy beerde.
  28. Ye shall not rent youre flesh for any soules sake, nor printe any markes apon you: I am the Lorde.
  29. Thou shalt not pollute thi doughter, that thou woldest maintene her to be an whoore: lest the lade fall to whoredome, ad waxe ful of wekednesse.
  30. Se that ye kepe my Sabbathes and feare my sauctuary: I am the Lorde.
  31. Turne not to the that worke with sprites, nether regarde the that obserue disemall dayes: that ye be not defiled by the, for I am the Lorde youre God.
  32. Thou shalt ryse vp before the hoorehed, ad reuerence the face of the old ma ad dread thy god, for I am the Lorde.
  33. Yf a straunger soioure by the in youre lande, se that ye vexe him not:
  34. But let the straunger that dwelleth with you, be as one of youre selues, and loue him as thi selfe, for ye were straungers in the lande of Egipte. I am the Lorde youre God.
  35. Ye shall do no vnrightuousnes in iudgemet nether in meteyerde, weyght or measure.
  36. But ye shal haue true balaces, true weightes, A true Epha ad a true hin. I am the Lorde youre god which broughte you out of the land of Egipte,
  37. that ye shulde obserue all myne ordinaunces and iudgementes and that ye shulde kepe them: I am the Lorde.
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