Leviticus: Chapter 12 (1534)

The boke of Leuiticus. The .xij. Chapter.

  1. And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and sayde:
  2. speake vnto the childern of Israel ad saye: whe a woma hath conceaued ad hath borne a man childe, she shalbe vnclene .vij. dayes: euen in like maner as when she is put aparte in tyme of hir naturall disease.
  3. And in the viij. daye the flesh of the childes foreskynne shalbe cut awaye.
  4. And she shall cotynue in the bloude of hir purifienge .xxxiij. dayes, she shal twytch no halowed thinge nor come in to the sanctuary, vntyll the tyme of hir purifienge be out.
  5. Yf she bere a maydehilde, then she shalbe vnclene two wekes as when she hath hir naturall disease. And she shall contynue in the bloude of hir purifienge .lxvj. dayes.
  6. And when the dayes of hir purifienge are out: whether it be a sonne or a doughter, she shall brynge a lambe of one yere olde for a burntoffrynge and a yonge pigeon or a turtill doue for a synneoffrynge vnto the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse vnto the preast:
  7. which shall offer them before the Lorde and make an attonement for her, and so she shalbe purged of hir yssue of bloude. This is the lawe of her that hath borne a childe, whether it be male or female.
  8. But and yf she be not able to bringe a shepe, then let her brynge two turtyls or two yonge pigeons: the one for the burntofferynge, and the other for the synneofferynge. And the preast shall make an attonement for her, ad she shalbe clene.
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