Leviticus: Chapter 11 (1534)

The boke of Leuiticus. The .xj. Chapter.

  1. And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and Aaron sayenge:
  2. speake vnto the childre of Israel and saye, these are the beestes whiche ye shall eate amonge all the beestes that are on the erth:
  3. what soeuer hath hoffe and dyuydeth it in to two clawes ad cheweth cud among the beestes, that shall ye eate.
  4. Neuerthelesse, these shall ye not eate of them that chewe cud and haue hoffes. The camel, for he cheweth cud but he deuydeth not the hoffe in to two clawes therfore he shall be vnclene vnto you.
  5. And the Conye, for he cheweth the cud but deuydeth not the hoffe in to two clawes, therfore he is vnclene to you.
  6. And the hare, for he likewise cheweth the cud, but deuydeth not the hoffe in to two clawes, he is therfore vnclene to you.
  7. And the swyne, for though he deuyde the hoffe in to two clawes, yet he cheweth not the cud ad therfore is vnclene to you,
  8. Of their flesh see that ye eate not ad their carkasses se that ye twych not for they are vnclene to you.
  9. These shall ye eate of all that are in the waters: what soeuer hath finnes and skales in the waters, sees and ryuers, that shall ye eate.
  10. And all that haue not finnes ad skales in the sees ad ryuers of all that moue and lyue in the waters shall ye abhorre.
  11. Se that ye eate not of their flesh, ad also that ye abhorre their carkases:
  12. for all that haue no finnes nor scales in the waters, shalbe abhominacion vnto you.
  13. These are the foules which ye shall abhorre and which shall not be eaten, for they are an abhominacion. The egle, the gooshauke, the cormoraunte, the kyte,
  14. the vultur and all his kynd
  15. and all kynde of rauens,
  16. the estrich, the nightcrowe, the cocow, the sparowhauke and al the kynde:
  17. the litle oule, the storcke, the great oule
  18. the backe, the pellicane, the pye,
  19. the heron, the Jaye with the kynde, the lappwynge ad the swalowe.
  20. And all foules that crepe ad goo apo all iiij. shalbe an abhominacion vnto you.
  21. Yet these maye ye eate of all the foules that moue and goo apon .iiij. fete: euen those that haue no knees aboue vppon their fete to lepe with all apon the erthe,
  22. euen these of them ye maye eate: the arbe and all his kynde: the Soleam with all his kynde: the Hargol and all the kynde, ad the Hagab ad all his kynd.
  23. Al other foules that moue ad haue .iiij. fete, shalbe abhominacion vnto you.
  24. In soch ye shalbe vnclene whosoeuer touch the carkesse of the shalbe vnclene vnto the euen,
  25. ad whosoeuer bereth the carkesse of the, shal wash his clothes ad shalbe vnclene vntyll euen.
  26. Amonge all maner beestes, they that haue hoffes and deuyde them not in to two clawes or that chewe not the cud, shalbe vnclene vnto you: and all that twicheth them shalbe vnclene.
  27. And all that goeth apon his handes amonge all maner beestes that goo on all foure, are vnclene vnto you: and as many as twych their carkesses, shalbe vnclene vntyll the euen.
  28. And he that beareth the carkesse of them, shall wasshe his clothes ad be vnclene vntyll the euen for soch are vnclene vnto you.
  29. And these are also unclene to you amonge the thinges that crepe apon the erth: the wesell the mouse, the tode and all his kynde,
  30. the hedgehogge, stellio, the licerte, the snayle and the moule.
  31. These are vnclene to you amonge all that moue, and all that twych them when they be dead, shalbe vnclene vntyll the euen.
  32. And what soeuer any of the dead carkesses of them fall apon, shalbe vnclene: what soeuer vessell of wodd it be, or rayment, or skynne, or bagge or what soeuer thinge it be that any worke is wroughte with all. And they shalbe plunged in the water and be vnclene vntill the eue, and then they shalbe clene agayne.
  33. All maner of erthen vessell where in to any of them falleth, is vnclene with all that therein is: and ye shall breake it.
  34. All maner meate that is eaten, yf any soch water come apon it, it shall be vnclene. And all maner drynke that is droke in all maner soch vessels, shalbe vnclene.
  35. And whether it be ouen or kettel, it shalbe broken. For they are vnclene and shalbe vnclene vnto you:
  36. Neuerthelater, yet the fountaynes ad welles and pondes of water, shalbe clene styll. But whosoeuer twycheth their carkesses, shall be vnclene.
  37. Yf the dead carkesse of any soch fall apo any seed vsed to sowe, yt shall yet be clene styll:
  38. but ad yf any water be poured apo the seed ad afterward the dead carkesse of them fall thereo, then it shalbe vnclene vnto you.
  39. Yf any beest of whiche ye eate dye, he that twitcheth the dead carkesse shalbe vnclene vntyll the euen.
  40. And he that eateth of any soche dead carkesse, shall wasshe his clothes and remayne vnclene vntyll the euen. And he also that beareth the carkesse of it, shall wasshe his clothes and be vnclene vntyll euen.
  41. All that scrauleth apon the erth, is an abhominacyon and shall not be eaten.
  42. And what soeuer goeth apon the brest ad what soeuer goeth apon .iiij. or moo fete amonge all that scrauleth apon the erth, of that se ye eate not: for they are abhomynable.
  43. Make not youre soules abhominable. Make not youre soules abhomynable with nothinge that crepeth, nether make youre soules vnclene with them: that ye shulde be defiled thereby.
  44. For I am the Lorde youre God, be sanctified therfore that ye maye be holy, for I am holy: and defile not youre soules with any maner thinge that crepeth apon the erth.
  45. For I am the Lorde that brought you out of the londe off Egipte to be youre God: be holy therfore, for I am holy.
  46. This is the lawe of beest and foule and off all maner thinge that lyueth ad moueth in the water ad of all thinges that crepe apo the erth
  47. that ye may put differece betwene vnclene ad clene, ad betwene the beestes that are eate and the beestes that are not eaten.
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