Leviticus: Chapter 10 (1534)

The boke of Leuiticus. The .x. Chapter.

  1.  And Nadab and Abihu the sonnes of Aaron toke ether of them his censor ad put fyre therein and put cens apo, and broughte straunge fyre before the Lorde: which he comaunded the not
  2. and there went a fyre out fro the Lorde and cosumed the and they dyed before the Lorde.
  3. Then Moses sayde vnto Aaro this is it that the Lorde spake saynge: I will be sanctifyed in them that come nye me, ad before all the people I wilbe glorifyed. And Aaron helde his pease.
  4. And Moses called Misael and Elesapha the sonnes of Vsiel the vncle of Aaron, and sayde vnto the: goo to and carye youre brethre from the holy place out of the hoste.
  5. And they went to them and caryed them in their albes out of the hoste, as Moses bad.
  6. And Moses sayde vnto Aaron and vnto Eleazar and Ithamar his eldest sonnes: vncouer not youre heed nether rent youre clothes lest ye dye and wrath come apon all the people lett youre brethren the hole house of Israel bewepe the burnynge which the Lorde hath burnt.
  7. But goo ye not out from the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse lest ye dye: for the anoyntynge oyle of the Lorde is apon you. And they dyd as Moses bad.
  8. And the Lorde spake vnto Aaron saynge:
  9.  drynke no wyne nor stronge drynke nether thou nor thi sonnes with the: when ye go in to the tabernacle of witnesse lest ye dye. And let it be a lawe foreuer vnto youre childern after you:
  10. that ye maye put difference betwene holy and vnholy and betwene vnclene and clene
  11. and that ye maye teach the childern of Israel: all the ordynaunces which the Lorde hath comaunded them by the handes of Moses.
  12. And Moses sayde vnto Aaron and vnto Eleazar ad Ithamar his sonnes that were lefte: take the meatofferynge that remayneth of the sacrifyces of the Lorde and eate it without leuen besyde the alter for it is most holy:
  13. eate it therfore in the holy place, because it is thi dutye and thi sonnes dutye of the sacrifyce of the Lorde: for so I am commaunded.
  14. And the wauebrest and heueshulder eate in a clene place: both thou and thy sonnes and thy doughters with the. For it is thy dutye and thy sonnes dutye with the, of the peaceofferynges off the childern of Israel.
  15. For the heueshulder ad the wauebrest whiche they brynge with the sacrifices of the fatt, to waue it before the Lorde, shalbe thyne and thy sonnes with the, and be a lawe for euer, as the Lorde hath commaunded.
  16. And Moses soughte for the goote that was the synneofferynge, and se, it was burnt. And he was angrye with Eleazar and Ithamar the sonnes of Aaron, which were lefte alyue sayenge:
  17. wherefore haue ye not eaten the synneofferynge in the holy place, seynge it is most holye: and for as moch as it is geuen you to bere the synne of the people, and make agrement for them before the Lorde?
  18. Beholde, the bloude of it was not brought in within the holy place therfore shulde ye haue eaten it in the holy place as I commaunded.
  19.  And Aaron sayde vnto Moses: behold, this daye haue they offered their synneoffrynge and their burntoffrynge before the Lorde, and it is chaunced me after thys maner. Yf I shulde eate of the synneofferynge to daye, wolde the Lorde be content with all?
  20. And when Moses herde that, he was content.
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Hereof ye see the fruit of a man’s good intent without God’s word.  As we may do no less, so doth this example teach that we may do no more than is commanded.
God is sanctified when we obey him and mortify our will to do his.
Our prelates be drunk with desire of honor and have brought the world out of their wits to satisfy their lusts, and live not soberly to teach us what Christ commanded by the hands of the apostles.
The offerings must have been eaten in gladness: but Aaron could not but mourn for his sons.