Jonah: Chapter 04 (1534)

The boke of Jonas. The .iiij. Chapter.

  1. Wherfore Jonas was sore discontent ad angre.
  2. And he prayed vn to the lorde ad sayd: O lord was not this my sayenge when I was yet in my contre? And therfore I hasted rather to fle to Tharsis: for I knew well ynough that thou wast a mercifull god ful of copassion long yer thou be angre and of greate mercie and repentest when thou art come to take punishment.
  3. Now therfore take my life from me for I had leuer dye then liue.
  4. And the lorde said vn to Jonas art thou so angrie?
  5. And Jonas gatt him out of the citie and sate him downe on the est syde theroffe ad made him there a bothe ad sate thervnder in the shadowe till he might se what shuld chaunce vn to the citie.
  6. And ye lorde prepared as it were a wild vine which sprage vp ouer Jonas that he might haue shadowe ouer his heed to deliuer him out of his payne. And Jonas was exceadynge glad of the wild vine.
  7. And the lorde ordeyned a worme agenst the springe of ye morow mornige which smote the wild vine that it wethered awaye.
  8. And assone as the sonne was vpp God prepared a feruent eest winde: so that ye sonne bete ouer the heed of Jonas that he fainted agayne ad wished vn to hys soule that he might dye and sayd it is better for me to dye then to liue.
  9. And god sayd vn to Jonas art thou so angre for thy wildvine? And he sayde I am angrie a goode even on to the deeth.
  10. And the lorde sayde thou hast compassion on a wild vine wheron thou bestoweddest no laboure ner madest it growe which sprange vp in one night and perished in a nother:
  11. and shuld not I haue compassion on Niniue that greate citie wherin there is a multitude of people euen aboue an hundred thousande that know not theyr right hand from the lyfte besydes moch catell?
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