John: Chapter 08 (1534)

The Gospell of S. John. The .viij. Chapter.

  1. And Jesus went vnto mounte Olivete
  2. and erly in ye mornynge came agayne into ye temple and all the people came vnto him and he sate doune and taught them.
  3. And the scribes and ye pharises brought vnto him a woman taken in advoutry and set hyr in the myddes
  4. and sayde vnto him: Master this woman was taken in advoutry even as the dede was a doyng.
  5. Moses in the lawe comaunded vs yt suche shuld be stoned. What sayest thou therfore?
  6. And this they sayde to tempt him: that they myght have wherof to accuse him. Jesus stouped doune and with his fynger wrote on the grounde.
  7. And whyll they continued axynge him he lyfte him selfe vp and sayde vnto them: let him yt is amoge you wt out synne cast the fyrst stone at her.
  8. And agayne he stouped doune and wrote on ye grounde.
  9. And assone as they hearde that they went out one by one the eldest fyrst. And Jesus was lefte a lone and the woman stondynge in ye myddes.
  10. When Jesus had lyfte vp him selfe agayne and sawe no man but the woman he sayde vnto hyr. Woman where are those thyne accusars? Hath no man condempned the?
  11. She sayde: No man Lorde. And Jesus sayde: Nether do I condempne the. Goo and synne no moare.
  12. Then spake Jesus agayne vnto them sayinge: I am the light of the worlde. He that foloweth me shall not walke in darcknes: but shall have the light of lyfe.
  13. The pharises sayde vnto him: thou bearest recorde of thy sylfe thy recorde is not true.
  14. Jesus answered and sayde vnto them: Though I beare recorde of my selfe yet my recorde is true: for I knowe whece I came and whyther I goo. But ye cannot tell whece I come and whyther I goo.
  15. Ye iudge after ye flesshe. I iudge no man
  16. though I iudge yet is my iudgmet true. For I am not alone: but I and the father that sent me.
  17. It is also written in youre lawe that the testimony of two men is true.
  18. I am one yt beare witnes of my selfe and the father that sent me beareth witnes of me.
  19. Then sayde they vnto him: where is thy father? Jesus answered: ye nether knowe me nor yet my father. Yf ye had knowen me ye shuld have knowen my father also.
  20. These wordes spake Jesus in the tresury as he taught in the temple and no man layde hondes on him for his tyme was not yet come.
  21. Then sayde Jesus agayne vnto them. I goo my waye and ye shall seke me and shall dye in youre synnes. Whyther I goo thyther can ye not come.
  22. Then sayde the Jewes: will he kyll him selfe because he sayth: whyther I goo thyther can ye not come?
  23. And he sayde vnto the: ye are fro beneth I am from above. Ye are of this worlde I am not of this worlde.
  24. I sayde therfore vnto you that ye shall dye in youre synnes. For except ye beleve that I am he ye shall dye in youre synnes.
  25. Then sayde they vnto him who arte thou? And Jesus sayde vnto them: Even ye very same thinge yt I saye vnto you.
  26. I have many thinges to saye and to iudge of you. But he yt sent me is true. And I speake in ye worlde those thinges which I have hearde of him.
  27. They understode not that he spake of his father.
  28. Then sayde Jesus vnto them: when ye have lyft vp an hye the sonne of man then shall ye knowe that I am he and that I do nothinge of my selfe: but as my father hath taught me even so I speake:
  29. and he that sent me is with me. The father hath not lefte me alone for I do alwayes those thinges that please him.
  30. As he spake these wordes many beleved on him.
  31. Then sayde Jesus to those Jewes which beleved on him. If ye cotinue in my wordes then are ye my very disciples
  32. and shall knowe the trueth: and the trueth shall make you free.
  33. They answered him: We be Abrahams seede and were never bonde to eny man: why sayest thou then ye shalbe made fre.
  34. Jesus answered them: verely verely I saye vnto you that whosoever committeth synne is the servaunt of synne.
  35. And the servaunt abydeth not in the housse for ever: But ye sonne abydeth ever.
  36. If the sonne therfore shall make you fre then are ye fre in dede.
  37. I knowe that ye are Abrahams seed: But ye seke meanes to kyll me because my sayinges have no place in you.
  38. I speake that I have sene with my father: and ye do that which ye have sene with youre father.
  39. They answered and sayde vnto him: Abraham is oure father. Jesus sayde vnto them. If ye were Abrahams chyldren ye wolde do the dedes of Abraham.
  40. But now ye goo about io kyll me a man that have tolde you the truthe which I have herde of god: this dyd not Abraham.
  41. Ye do the dedes of youre father. Then sayde they vnto him: we were not borne of fornicacion. We have one father which is God.
  42. Jesus sayde vnto them: yf God were youre father then wolde ye love me. For I proceaded forthe and come from God. Nether came I of my selfe but he sent me.
  43. Why do ye not knowe my speache? Even because ye cannot abyde the hearynge of my wordes.
  44. Ye are of youre father the devyll and the lustes of youre father ye will folowe. He was a murtherer from the beginnynge and aboode not in the trueth because ther is no trueth in him. When he speaketh a lye then speaketh he of his awne. For he is a lyar and the father therof.
  45. And because I tell you ye trueth therfore ye beleve me not.
  46. Which of you can rebuke me of synne? If I saye ye trueth why do not ye beleve me?
  47. He that is of God heareth goddes wordes Ye therfore heare them not because ye are not of God.
  48. Then answered the Jewes and sayde vnto him: Saye we not well that thou arte a Samaritane and hast the devyll?
  49. Jesus answered: I have not the devyll: but I honour my father and ye have dishonoured me.
  50. I seke not myne awne prayse: but ther is one that seketh and iudgeth.
  51. Verely verely I saye vnto you yf a man kepe my sayinges he shall never se deeth.
  52. Then sayde the Jewes to him: Now knowe we that thou hast the devyll. Abraha is deed and also the Prophetes: and yet thou sayest yf a man kepe my sayinge he shall never tast of deeth.
  53. Arte thou greater then oure father Abraham which is deed? and the Prophetes are deed. Whome makest thou thy selfe?
  54. Jesus answered: Yf I honoure my selfe myne honoure is nothinge worth. It is my father that honoureth me which ye saye is youre God
  55. and ye have not knowen him: but I knowe him. And yf I shuld saye I knowe him not I shuld be a lyar lyke vnto you. But I knowe him and kepe his sayinge.
  56. Youre father Abraham was glad to se my daye and he sawe it and reioysed.
  57. Then sayde the Jewes vnto him: thou arte not yet.l. yere olde and hast thou sene Abraham?
  58. Jesus sayd vnto them: Verely verely I saye vnto you: yer Abraham was I am.
  59. Then toke they vp stones to caste at him. But Jesus hid him selfe and went out of ye temple.
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