John: Chapter 05 (1534)

The Gospell of S. John: The .v. Chapter.

  1. After that ther was a feast of the Jewes and Jesus went vp to Jerusalem.
  2. And ther is at Jerusalem by ye slaughterhousse a pole called in ye Ebrue toge Bethseda havinge five porches
  3. in which laye a greate multitude of sicke folke of blinde halt and wyddered waytinge for the movinge of the water.
  4. For an angell wet doune at a certayne ceason into ye pole and troubled ye water. Whosoever then fyrst after the steringe of the water stepped in was made whoale of what soever disease he had.
  5. And a certayne ma was theare which had bene diseased .xxxviii. yeares.
  6. When Jesus sawe him lye and knewe that he now longe tyme had bene diseased he sayde vnto him. Wilt thou be made whoale?
  7. The sicke answered him: Syr I have no man whe the water is troubled to put me into the pole. But in the meane tyme whill I am about to come another steppeth doune before me.
  8. And Jesus sayde vnto him: ryse take vp thy beed and walke.
  9. And immediatly the man was made whole and toke vp his beed and went. And the same daye was the Saboth daye.
  10. The Jewes therfore sayde vnto him that was made whole. It is ye Saboth daye it is not laufull for the to cary thy beed.
  11. He answered them: he that made me whole sayde vnto me: take vp thy beed and get the hence.
  12. Then axed they him: what man is that which sayde vnto the take vp thy beed and walke.
  13. And he yt was healed wist not who it was. For Jesus had gotte him selfe awaye be cause yt ther was preace of people in ye place.
  14. And after that Jesus founde him in the teple and sayd vnto him: beholde thou arte made whole synne no moore lest a worsse thinge happe vnto the.
  15. The man departed and tolde ye Jewes that yt was Jesus whiche had made him whole.
  16. And therfore the Jewes dyd persecute Jesus and sought the meanes to slee him because he had done these thinges on the Saboth daye.
  17. And Jesus answered them: my father worketh hidder to and I worke.
  18. Therfore the Jewes sought the moare to kill him not only because he had broken the Saboth: but sayde also that God was his father and made him selfe equall with God.
  19. Then answered Jesus and sayde vnto them: verely verely I saye vnto you: the sonne can do no thinge of him selfe but that he seeth ye father do. For whatsoever he doeth yt doeth the sonne also.
  20. For the father loveth ye sonne and sheweth him all thinges whatsoever he him selfe doeth. And he will shewe him greter workes then these because ye shoulde marvayle.
  21. For lykwyse as the father rayseth vp ye deed and quickeneth them even so the sonne quyckeneth whom he will.
  22. Nether iudgeth ye father eny ma: but hath comitted all iudgemet vnto the sonne
  23. because that all men shuld honoure the sonne eve as they honoure the father. He that honoureth not ye sonne the same honoureth not the father which hath sent him.
  24. Verely verely I saye vnto you: He that heareth my wordes and beleveth on him that sent me hath everlastinge lyfe and shall not come into damnacion: but is scaped fro deth vnto lyfe.
  25. Verely verely I saye vnto you: the tyme shall come and now is when the deed shall heare the voyce of the sonne of God. And they yt heare shall live.
  26. For as the father hath life in him silfe: so lyke wyse hath he geven to ye sonne to have lyfe in him silfe:
  27. and hath geven him power also to iudge in that he is the sonne of man.
  28. Marvayle not at this ye houre shall come in the which all yt are in the graves shall heare his voice
  29. and shall come forthe: they that have done good vnto the resurreccion of lyfe: and they that have done evyll vnto the resurreccion of dampnacion.
  30. I can of myne awne selfe do nothinge at all. As I heare I iudge and my iudgemet is iust because I seke not myne awne will but the will of ye father which hath sent me.
  31. Yf I beare witnes of my selfe my witnes is not true.
  32. Ther is a nother that beareth witnes of me and I am sure that the witnes whiche he beareth of me is true.
  33. Ye sent vnto John and he bare witnes vnto the truthe.
  34. But I receave not the recorde of man. Neverthelesse these thinges I saye that ye might be safe.
  35. He was a burninge and a shyninge light and ye wolde for a season have reioysed in his light.
  36. But I have greater witnes then the witnes of John. For ye workes which ye father hath geve me to fynisshe: the same workes which I do beare witnes of me that ye father sent me.
  37. And the father him silfe which hath sent me beareth witnes of me. Ye have not hearde his voyce at eny tyme nor ye have sene his shape:
  38. therto his wordes have ye not abydinge in you. For whome he hath sent: him ye beleve not.
  39. Searche the scriptures for in them ye thinke ye have eternall lyfe: and they are they which testify of me.
  40. And yet will ye not come to me that ye might have lyfe.
  41. I receave not prayse of men.
  42. But I knowe you that ye have not the love of God in you
  43. I am come in my fathers name and ye receave me not. Yf another shall come in his awne name him will ye receave.
  44. How can ye beleve which receave honoure one of another and seke not the honoure that commeth of God only?
  45. Doo not thinke that I wyll accuse you to my father. Ther is one that accuseth you eve Moses in whom ye trust.
  46. For had ye beleved Moses ye wold have beleved me: for he wrote of me.
  47. But now ye beleve not his writinge: how shall ye beleve my wordes.
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