John: Chapter 21 (1534)

The Gospell of S. John. The .xxi. Chapter.

  1. After that Jesus shewed him selfe agayne at the see of Tyberias. And on this wyse shewed he him selfe.
  2. There were to geder Simon Peter and Thomas which is called Didymus: and Nathanael of Cana a citie of Galile and the sonnes of Zebedei and two other of the disciples.
  3. Simon Peter sayde vnto them: I goo a fysshynge. They sayde vnto him: we also will goo with the. They wet their waye and entred into a shippe strayght waye and that nyght caught they nothinge.
  4. But when the mornynge was now come Jesus stode on the shore: neverthelesse the disciples knewe not yt it was Jesus.
  5. Jesus sayde vnto the: syrs have ye eny meate? They answered him no.
  6. And he sayde vnto them: cast out ye net on the ryght syde of the ship and ye shall fynde. They cast out and anone they were not able to drawe it for ye multitude of fysshes
  7. Then sayde the disciple whom Jesus loved vnto Peter: It is the Lorde. When Simon Peter hearde that it was ye lorde he gyrde his mantell to him (for he was naked) and sprange into the see
  8. The other disciples came by ship: for they were not farre from londe but as it were two hondred cubites and they drewe the net with fysshes.
  9. Assone as they were come to londe they sawe hoot coles and fysshe layd ther on and breed.
  10. Jesus sayde vnto them: bringe of the fysshe which ye have now caught.
  11. Simon Peter stepped forthe and drewe the net to londe full of greate fysshes an hondred and .liii. And for all ther were so many yet was not the net broken.
  12. Jesus sayde vnto them: come and dyne. And none of the disciples durste axe him: what arte thou? For they knewe that it was the lorde.
  13. Jesus then came and toke breed and gave them and fysshe lykwyse
  14. And this is now the thyrde tyme that Jesus appered to his disciples after that he was rysen agayne from deeth.
  15. When they had dyned Jesus sayde to Simon Peter: Simon Joana lovest thou me more then these? He sayde vnto him: ye Lorde thou knowest that I love the. He sayde vnto him: fede my lambes.
  16. He sayde to him agayne the seconde tyme: Simo Joana lovest thou me? He sayde vnto him: ye lorde thou knowest that I love ye. He sayde vnto him: fede my shepe.
  17. He sayde vnto him ye thyrde tyme: Simon Joanna lovest thou me? And Peter sorowed because he sayde to him ye thyrde tyme lovest thou me and sayde vnto him: Lorde thou knowest all thinge thou knowest that I love the. Jesus sayde vnto him: fede my shepe.
  18. Verely verely I saye vnto the when thou wast yonge thou gerdedst thy selfe and walkedst whyther thou woldest: but when thou arte olde thou shalt stretche forthe thy hondes and a nother shall gyrde ye and leade the whyther thou woldest not.
  19. That spake he signifyinge by what deeth he shuld glorify God.And whe he had sayde thus he sayd to him folowe me.
  20. Peter turned about and sawe that disciple who Jesus loved folowynge: which also lened on his brest at supper and sayde: Lorde which is he yt shall betraye the?
  21. When Peter sawe him he sayde to Jesus: Lorde what shall he here do?
  22. Jesus sayd vnto him Yf I will have him to tary tyll I come what is that to the? folowe thou me.
  23. Then went this sayinge a broode amonge the brethren that that disciple shulde not dye. Yet Jesus sayde not to him he shall not dye: but yf I will that he tary tyll I come what is that to the?
  24. The same disciple is he which testifieth of these thinges and wrote these thinges. And we knowe that his testimony is true.
  25. There are also many other thinges which Jesus dyd: the which yf they shuld be written every won I suppose the worlde coulde not cotayne the bokes that shuld be written.
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