John: Chapter 20 (1534)

The Gospell of S. John. The .xx. Chapter.

  1. The morow after the saboth daye came Mary Magdalene erly when it was yet darcke vnto ye sepulcre and sawe the stone taken awaye from ye toumbe.
  2. Then she ranne and came to Simon Peter and to the other disciple whome Jesus loved and sayde vnto them. They have taken awaye the Lorde out of the toumbe and we cannot tell where they have layde him.
  3. Peter went forth and that other disciple and came vnto the sepulcre.
  4. They ranne bothe to gether and that other disciple dyd out runne Peter and came fyrst to the sepulcre.
  5. And he stouped doune and sawe the lynnen clothes lyinge yet wet he not in.
  6. Then came Simon Peter folowynge him and went into ye sepulcre and sawe the lynnen clothes lye
  7. and the napkyn that was aboute his heed not lyinge with the lynnen clothe but wrapped togeder in a place by it selfe.
  8. Then went in also that other disciple which came fyrst to the sepulcre and he sawe and beleved.
  9. For as yet they knew not the scriptures that he shuld ryse agayne from deeth.
  10. And the disciples wet awaye agayne vnto their awne home.
  11. Mary stode with out at the sepulcre wepynge. And as she wept she bowed her selfe into the sepulcre
  12. and sawe two angels in whyte sittyng the one at the heed and the other at the fete where they had layde the body of Jesus.
  13. And they sayde vnto her: woman why wepest thou? She sayde vnto the: For they have taken awaye my lorde and I wote not where they have layde him.
  14. When she had thus sayde she turned her selfe backe and sawe Jesus stondynge and knewe not that it was Jesus.
  15. Jesus sayde vnto her: woman why wepest thou? Whom sekest thou? She supposynge that he had bene the gardener sayde vnto him. Syr yf thou have borne him hece tell me where thou hast layde him that I maye fet him.
  16. Jesus sayde vnto her: Mary. She turned her selfe and sayde vnto him: Rabboni which is to saye master.
  17. Jesus sayde vnto her touche me not for I am not yet ascended to my father. But goo to my brethren and saye vnto them I ascende vnto my father and youre father to: my god and youre god.
  18. Mary Magdalene came and tolde the disciples yt she had sene the lorde and yt he had spoken soche thinges vnto her.
  19. The same daye at nyght which was the morowe after ye saboth daye when the dores were shut where the disciples were assembled to geder for feare of the Jewes came Jesus and stode in the myddes and sayd to the: peace be with you.
  20. And when he had so sayde he shewed vnto them his hondes and his syde. Then were the disciples glad when they sawe the Lorde.
  21. Then sayde Jesus to them agayne: peace be with you. As my father sent me even so sende I you.
  22. And when he had sayde that he brethed on them and sayde vnto the: Receave ye holy goost.
  23. Whosoevers synnes ye remyt they are remitted vnto the. And whosoevers synnes ye retayne they are retayned.
  24. But Thomas one of ye twelve called Didymus was not with the when Jesus came.
  25. The other disciples sayd vnto him: we have sene ye lorde. And he sayde vnto the: except I se in his hondes the prent of the nayles and put my fynger in the holes of the nayles and thrust my honde into his syde I will not beleve.
  26. And after .viii. dayes agayne his disciples were with in and Thomas with them. Then came Jesus when the dores were shut and stode in the myddes and sayde: peace be with you.
  27. After that sayde he to Thomas: bringe thy fynger hether and se my hondes and bringe thy honde and thrust it into my syde and be not faythlesse but belevynge.
  28. Thomas answered and sayde vnto him: my Lorde and my God.
  29. Jesus sayde vnto him. Thomas because thou hast sene me therfore thou belevest: Happy are they that have not sene and yet beleve.
  30. And many other signes dyd Jesus in the presence of his disciples which are not written in this boke.
  31. These are written that ye myght beleve that Jesus is Christ the sonne of God and that in belevynge ye myght have lyfe thorowe his name.
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