John: Chapter 02 (1534)

The Gospell of S. John. The .ij. Chapter.

  1. And the thryde daye was ther a mariage in Cana a cite of Galile: and the mother of Jesus was there.
  2. And Jesus was called also and his disciples vnto the mariage.
  3. And when the wyne fayled the mother of Jesus sayde vnto him: they have no wyne.
  4. Jesus sayde vnto her: woman what have I to do with the? myne houre is not yet come.
  5. His mother sayde vnto the ministres: whatsoever he sayeth vnto you do it.
  6. And therwere stondynge theare sixe water pottes of stone after ye maner of the purifyinge of ye Jewes contaynynge two or thre fyrkins a pece.
  7. And Jesus sayde vnto them: fyll the water pottes with water. And they fylled them vp to the brym.
  8. And he sayde vnto them: drawe out now and beare vnto the governer of the feaste. And they bare it.
  9. When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was turned vnto wyne and knewe not whence it was (but the ministres which drue the water knew). He called the brydegrome
  10. and sayde vnto him. All men at the beginnynge set forth good wyne and when men be dronke then that which is worsse. But thou hast kept backe the good wyne vntyll now.
  11. This beginnynge of miracles dyd Jesus in Cana of Galile and shewed his glory and his disciples beleved on him.
  12. After that he descended in to Capernaum and his mother and his brethren and his disciples: but contynued not manye dayes there.
  13. And the Jewes ester was even at honde and Jesus went vp to Jerusalem
  14. and founde syttynge in the temple those that solde oxen and shepe and doves and chaungers of money.
  15. And he made a scourge of small cordes and drave them all out of the temple with the shepe and oxen and powred oute the changers money and overthrue the tables
  16. and sayde vnto them that solde doves: Have these thinges hence and make not my fathers housse an housse of marchaundyse.
  17. And his disciples remembred how yt it was wrytten: the zele of thyne housse hath even eaten me.
  18. Then answered the Jewes and sayde vnto him: what token shewest thou vnto vs seynge that thou dost these thinges?
  19. Jesus answered and sayd vnto them: destroye this temple and in thre dayes I will reare it vp agayne.
  20. Then sayde the Jewes: xlvi. yeares was this temple abuyldinge: and wylt thou reare it vp in thre dayes?
  21. But he spake of the temple of his body.
  22. Assone therfore as he was rysen from deeth agayne his disciples remembred that he thus sayde. And they beleved the scripture and the wordes which Jesus had sayde.
  23. When he was at Jerusalem at ester in the feaste many beleved on his name when they sawe his miracles which he dyd.
  24. But Jesus put not him selfe in their hondes because he knewe all men
  25. and neded not that eny man shuld testify of man. For he knewe what was in man.
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