John: Chapter 19 (1534)

The Gospell of S. John. The .xix. Chapter.

  1. Then Pylate toke Jesus and scourged him.
  2. And ye soudiers wounde a croune of thornes and put it on his heed. And they dyd on him a purple garment
  3. and sayd: hayll kynge of the Jewes: and they smote him on the face.
  4. Pylate went forthe agayne and sayde vnto them: beholde I bringe him forth to you that ye maye knowe that I fynde no faute in him.
  5. Then came Jesus forthe wearynge a croune of thorne and a robe of purple. And Pylate sayd vnto them: beholde ye man.
  6. When the hye Prestes and ministres sawe him they cryed sayinge: crucify him crucify him. Pylate sayde vnto them. Take ye him and crucify him: for I fynde no cause in him.
  7. The Jewes answered him. We have a lawe and by oure lawe he ought to dye: because he made him selfe the sonne of God.
  8. When Pylate hearde that sayinge he was the moare afrayde
  9. and went agayne into ye iudgment hall and sayde vnto Jesus: whence arte thou? But Jesus gave him none answere.
  10. Then sayde Pylate vnto him. Speakest thou not vnto me? knowest thou not that I have power to crucify the and have power to lowse the?
  11. Jesus answered: Thou couldest have no power at all agaynst me except it were geven the from above. Therfore he yt delyvered me vnto the is moare in synne.
  12. And from thence forthe sought Pylate meanes to lowse him: but the Jewes cryed sayinge: yf thou let him goo thou arte not Cesars frende. For whosoever maketh hi selfe a kynge is agaynst Cesar
  13. When Pylate hearde yt sayinge he brought Jesus forthe and sate doune to geve sentece in a place called the pavement: but in the Hebrue tonge Gabbatha.
  14. It was the Saboth even which falleth in the ester fest and aboute the sixte houre. And he sayde vnto the Jewes: beholde youre kynge.
  15. They cryed awaye with him awaye with him crucify him. Pylate sayde vnto them. Shall I crucify youre kynge? The hye Prestes answered: we have no kynge but Cesar.
  16. Then delyvered he him vnto them to be crucified. And they toke Jesus and led him awaye.
  17. And he bare his crosse and went forthe into a place called the place of deed mens sculles which is named in Hebrue Golgatha.
  18. Where they crucified him and two other with him on ether syde one and Jesus in the myddes.
  19. And Pylate wrote his tytle and put it on the crosse. The writynge was Jesus of Nazareth kynge of the Jewes.
  20. This tytle reed many of the Jewes. For the place where Jesus was crucified was nye to the cite. And it was written in Hebrue Greke and Latyn.
  21. Then sayde the hye prestes of ye Jewes to Pylate: wryte not kynge of the Jewes: but that he sayde I am kynge of the Jewes.
  22. Pylate answered: what I have written that have I written.
  23. Then the soudiers when they had crucified Jesus toke his garmentes and made foure partes to every soudier a parte and also his coote. The coote was with out seme wrought vpon thorowe out.
  24. And they sayde one to another. Let vs not devyde it: but cast loostes who shall have it That the scripture myght be fulfilled which sayth. They parted my rayment amonge them and on my coote dyd cast lottes. And the soudiers dyd soche thinges in dede.
  25. Ther stode by the crosse of Jesus his mother and his mothers sister Mary the wyfe of Cleophas and Mary Magdalene.
  26. When Jesus sawe his mother and the disciple stondynge whom he loved he sayde vnto his mother: woman beholde thy sonne.
  27. Then sayde he to ye disciple: beholde thy mother. And fro that houre the disciple toke her for his awne.
  28. After that when Jesus perceaved that all thinges were performed: that the scripture myght be fulfilled he sayde: I thyrst.
  29. Ther stode a vessell full of veneger by. And they filled a sponge with veneger and wounde it about with ysope and put it to his mouth.
  30. Assone as Jesus had receaved of the veneger he sayd: It is fynesshed and bowed his heed and gaue vp the goost.
  31. The Jewes then because it was the saboth eve that ye bodyes shuld not remayne apon ye crosse on ye saboth daye (for that saboth daye was an hye daye) besought Pylate that their legges myght be broken and that they myght be taken doune.
  32. Then came the soudiers and brake the legges of the fyrst and of the other which was crucified with Jesus.
  33. But when they came to Jesus and sawe that he was deed already they brake not his legges:
  34. but one of the soudiers with a speare thrust him into the syde and forthwith came ther out bloud and water.
  35. And he that sawe it bare recorde and his recorde is true. And he knoweth that he sayth true that ye myght beleve also.
  36. These thinges were done that the scripture shuld be fulfilled: Ye shall not breake a boone of him.
  37. And agayne another scripture sayth: They shall looke on him whom they pearsed.
  38. After that Joseph of Aramathia (which was a disciple of Jesus: but secretly for feare of ye Jewes) besought Pylate that he myght take doune the body of Jesus. And Pylate gave him licence.
  39. And ther cam also Nicodemus which at the beginnynge came to Jesus by nyght and brought of myrre and aloes mingled to gether aboute an hundred pounde wayght
  40. Then toke they the body of Jesu and wounde it in lynnen clothes with the odoures as ye maner of the Jewes is to bury.
  41. And in the place where Jesus was crucified was a garden and in ye garden a newe sepulchre wherin was never man layd.
  42. There layde they Jesus because of the Jewes saboth even for the sepulcre was nye at honde.
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