John: Chapter 18 (1534)

The Gospell of S. John. The .xviij. Chapter.

  1. When Jesus had spoken these wordes he wet forth with his disciples over the broke Cedron where was a garden into the which he entred with his disciples.
  2. Judas also which betrayed him knewe the place: for Jesus ofte tymes resorted thyther with his disciples.
  3. Judas then after he had receaved abonde of men and ministres of the hye Prestes and Pharises came thyther with lanterns and fyerbrondes and wepens.
  4. Then Jesus knowynge all thinges that shuld come on him went forth and sayde vnto them: whom seke ye?
  5. They answered him: Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus sayde vnto them: I am he. Judas also which betrayed him stode with them.
  6. But assone as he had sayd vnto them I am he they went backe wardes and fell to the grounde.
  7. And he axed the agayne: whome seke ye? They sayde:Jesus of Nazareth.
  8. Jesus answered I sayde vnto you I am he. If ye seke me let these goo their waye.
  9. That ye sayinge might be fulfilled which he spake: of the which thou gavest me have I not lost one.
  10. Simon Peter had a swearde and drue it and smote the hye prestes servaunt and cut of his ryght eare. The servauntes name was Malchas.
  11. Then sayde Jesus vnto Peter: put vp thy swearde into ye sheath: shall I not drinke of ye cup which my father hath geven me?
  12. Then the copany and the captayne and the ministres of of the Jewes toke Jesus and bounde him
  13. and led him awaye to Anna fyrst: For he was fatherelawe vnto Cayphas which was ye hye preste that same yeare.
  14. Cayphas was he that gave counsell to ye Jewes that it was expediet that one man shuld dye for the people.
  15. And Simon Peter folowed Jesus and another disciple: that disciple was knowen of ye hye preste and went in with Jesus into the pallys of the hye preste.
  16. But Peter stode at the dore with out. Then went out that other disciple which was knowen vnto the hye preste and spake to the damsell that kept the dore and brought in Peter.
  17. Then sayde ye damsell that kept the dore vnto Peter: Arte not thou one of this mannes disciples? He sayde: I am not.
  18. The servauntes and the ministres stode there and had made a fyre of coles: for it was colde: and they warmed them selves. Peter also stode amonge them and warmed him selfe.
  19. The hye preste axed Jesus of his disciples and of his doctrine.
  20. Jesus answered him: I spake openly in ye worlde. I ever taught in ye synagoge and in the temple whyther all ye Jewes resorted and in secrete have I sayde nothynge:
  21. Why axest thou me? Axe them whiche hearde me what I sayde vnto the. Beholde they can tell what I sayde.
  22. Whe he had thus spoken one of ye ministres which stode by smote Jesus on the face sayinge: answerest thou the hyepreste so?
  23. Jesus answered him. If I have evyll spoke beare witnes of ye evyll: yf I have well spoke why smytest thou me?
  24. And Annas sent him bounde vnto Caiphas ye hye preste.
  25. Simon Peter stode and warmed him selfe. And they sayde vnto him: arte not thou also one of his disciples? He denyed it and sayde: I am not.
  26. One of the servauntes of the hye preste (his cosyn whose eare Peter smote of) sayde vnto him: dyd not I se the in the garden with him?
  27. Peter denyed it agayne: and immediatly the cocke crewe.
  28. Then led they Jesus fro Cayphas into the hall of iudgement. It was in the mornynge and they them selves went not into the iudgement hall lest they shuld be defyled but that they myght eate the paschall lambe.
  29. Pylate then went out vnto the and sayde: what accusacion bringe ye agaynste this man?
  30. They answered and sayd vnto him. If he were not an evyll doar we wolde not have delyvered him vnto the.
  31. Then sayd Pylate vnto the: take ye him and iudge him after youre awne lawe. Then the Jewes sayde vnto him. It is not lawfull for vs to put eny ma to deeth.
  32. That ye wordes of Jesus myght be fulfilled which he spake signifyinge what deeth he shuld dye.
  33. Then Pylate entred into the iudgemet hall agayne and called Jesus and sayd vnto him: arte thou the kynge of ye Jewes?
  34. Jesus answered: sayst thou that of thy selfe or dyd other tell it the of me?
  35. Pylate answered: Am I a Jewe? Thyne awne nacion and hye prestes have delyvered ye vnto me. What hast thou done?
  36. Jesus answered: my kyngdome is not of this worlde. Yf my kyngdome were of this worlde then wolde my ministres suerly fight yt I shuld not be delyvered to ye Jewes but now is my kyngdome not fro hence.
  37. Pylate sayde vnto him: Arte thou a kynge then? Jesus answered: Thou sayst yt I am a kynge. For this cause was I borne and for this cause came I into ye worlde yt I shuld beare witnes vnto the trueth. And all that are of ye trueth heare my voyce.
  38. Pilate sayde vnto him: what thinge is trueth? And when he had sayd yt he went out agayne vnto the Jewes and sayde vnto them: I fynde in him no cause at all.
  39. Ye have a custome that I shuld delyver you one lowsse at ester. Will ye that I lowse vnto you the kynge of ye Jewes.
  40. Then cryed they all agayne sayinge: Not him but Barrabas that Barrabas was a robber.
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