John: Chapter 16 (1534)

The Gospell of S. John. The .xvi. Chapter.

  1. These thinges have I sayde vnto you because ye shuld not be offended.
  2. They shall excomunicat you: ye ye tyme shall come that whosoever killeth you will thinke that he doth God service.
  3. And suche thinges will they do vnto you because they have not knowen the father nether yet me.
  4. But these thinges have I tolde you that when that houre is come ye myght remember them that I tolde you so. These thinges sayde I not unto you at the begynninge because I was present with you.
  5. But now I goo my waye to him that sent me and none of you axeth me: whither goest thou?
  6. But because I have sayde suche thinges vnto you youre hertes are full of sorowe.
  7. Neverthelesse I tell you the trueth it is expedient for you that I goo awaye. For yf I goo not awaye that comforter will not come vnto you. But yf I departe I will sende him vnto you.
  8. And when he is come he will rebuke ye worlde of synne and of rightwesnes and of iudgement.
  9. Of synne because they beleve not on me:
  10. Of rightwesnes because I go to my father and ye shall se me no moare:
  11. and of iudgement because the chefe ruler of this worlde is iudged all ready.
  12. I have yet many thinges to saye vnto you: but ye canot beare them awaye now.
  13. How be it when he is come (I meane the sprete of truthe) he will leade yon into all trueth. He shall not speake of him selfe: but whatsoever he shall heare that shall he speake and he will shewe you thinges to come.
  14. He shall glorify me for he shall receave of myne and shall shewe vnto you.
  15. All thinges that ye father hath aremyne. Therfore sayd I vnto you that he shall take of myne and shewe vnto you.
  16. After a whyle ye shall not se me and agayne after a whyle ye shall se me: For I goo to the father.
  17. Then sayd some of his disciples bitwene them selves: what is this yt he sayth vnto vs after a whyle ye shall not se me and agayne after a whyle ye shall se me: and that I go to the father.
  18. They sayd therfore: what is this that he sayth after a whyle? we canot tell what he sayth.
  19. Jesus perceaved yt they wolde axe him and sayd vnto them: This is it that ye enquyre of bitwene youre selves that I sayd after a whyle ye shall not se me and agayne after a whyle ye shall se me.
  20. Verely verely I saye vnto you: ye shall wepe and lamet and the worlde shall reioyce. Ye shall sorowe: but youre sorowe shalbe tourned to ioye.
  21. A woman when she traveyleth hath sorowe because her houre is come: but assone as she is delivered of the chylde she remembreth no moare the anguysshe for ioye that a man is borne in to the worlde.
  22. And ye now are in sorowe: but I will se you agayne and youre hertes shall reioyce and youre ioye shall no ma take fro you.
  23. And in that daye shall ye axe me no question. Verely verely I saye vnto you whatsoever ye shall axe the father in my name he will geve it you.
  24. Hitherto have ye axed nothinge in my name. Axe and ye shall receave it: that youre ioye maye be full.
  25. These thinges have I spoken vnto you in proverbes. The tyme will come when I shall no moare speake to you in proverbes: but I shall shewe you playnly from my father.
  26. At that daye shall ye axe in myne name. And I saye not vnto you that I will speake vnto my father for you
  27. For ye father him selfe loveth you because ye have loved me and have beleved that I came out from God.
  28. I went out from the father and came into the worlde: and I leve the worlde agayne and go to ye father.
  29. His disciples sayd vnto him: loo now speakest thou playnly and thou vsest no proverbe.
  30. Nowe knowe we that thou vnderstondest all thinges and nedest not yt eny man shuld axe the eny question. Therfore beleve we that thou camst fro god.
  31. Jesus answered them: Now ye do beleve.
  32. Beholde ye houre draweth nye and is already come yt ye shalbe scatered every man his wayes and shall leave me alone. And yet am I not alone. For ye father is with me.
  33. These wordes have I spoke vnto you yt in me ye might have peace. For in ye worlde shall ye have tribulacio: but be of good cheare I have over come the worlde.
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