James: Chapter 04 (1534)

The Epistle of James. The .iiij. Chapter.

  1. From whence commeth warre and fighttynge amonge you: come they not here hence? even of youre volupteousnes that rayne in youre members.
  2. Ye lust and have not. Ye envie and have indignacion and cannot obtayne. Ye fight and warre and have not because ye axe not.
  3. Ye axe and receave not because ye axe a mysse: even to consume it apon youre volupteousnes.
  4. Ye advouterars and wemen that breke matrimonie: knowe ye not how yt the freshippe of ye worlde is ennimite to god warde? Whosoever wilbe a frende of the worlde is made the enemie of god.
  5. Ether do ye thinke that the scripture sayth in vayne The sprite that dwelleth in you lusteth eve contrary to envie:
  6. but geveth more grace.
  7. Submit youre selves to god and resist the devyll and he will flye from you.
  8. Drawe nye to god and he will drawe nye to you. Clense youre hondes ye synners and pourdge youre hertes ye waverynge mynded.
  9. Suffre affliccios: sorowe ye and wepe. Let youre laughter be turned to mornynge and youre ioye to hevynes.
  10. Cast doune youre selves before the lorde and he shall lift you vp.
  11. Backbyte not one another brethren. He that backbyteh hys brother and he that iudgeth his brother backbyteth the lawe and iudgeth the lawe. But and yf thou iudge the lawe thou art not an observer of ye lawe: but a iudge.
  12. Ther is one lawe gever which is able to save and to distroye. What art thou that iudgest another man?
  13. Go to now ye that saye: to daye and to morow let vs go into soche a citie and continue there a yeare and bye and sell and wynne:
  14. and yet can not tell what shall happen to morowe. For what thynge is youre lyfe? It is even a vapoure that apereth for a lytell tyme and the vanyssheth awaye:
  15. For that ye ought to saye: yf the lorde will and yf we live let vs do this or that.
  16. But nowe ye reioyce in youre bostinges. All soche reioysynge is evyll.
  17. Therfore to him that knoweth how to do good and doth it not to him it is synne.
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