Hebrews: Chapter 10 (1534)

The Epistle to the Hebrues. The .x. Chapter.

  1. For the lawe which hath but the shadowe of good thynges to come and not the thynges in their awne fassion can never with ye sacryfises which they offer yere by yere continually make the comers thervnto parfayte.
  2. For wolde not then those sacrifises have ceased to have bene offered because that the offerers once pourged shuld have had no moare conscieces of sinnes.
  3. Neverthelesse in those sacrifises is ther mencion made of synnes every yeare.
  4. For it is vnpossible that the bloud of oxen and of gotes shuld take awaye synnes.
  5. Wherfore when he commeth into the worlde he sayth: Sacrifice and offeringe thou woldest not have: but a bodie hast thou ordeyned me.
  6. In sacrifices and synne offerynges thou hast no lust.
  7. Then I sayde: Lo I come in the chefest of the boke it is written of me that I shuld doo thy will o god.
  8. Above when he had sayed sacrifice and offerynge and burnt sacrifices and synne offerynges thou woldest not have nether hast alowed (which yet are offered by the lawe)
  9. and then sayde: Lo I come to do thy will o god: he taketh awaye the fyrst to stablisshe the latter.
  10. By the which will we are sanctified by the offeringe of the body of Jesu Christe once for all.
  11. And every prest is redy dayly ministrynge and ofte tymes offereth one maner of offerynge which can never take awaye synnes.
  12. But this man after he had offered one sacrifyce for synnes sat him doune for ever on the right honde of god
  13. and from hence forth tarieth till his foes be made his fotestole.
  14. For with one offerynge hath he made parfecte for ever them yt are sanctified.
  15. And ye holy goost also beareth vs recorde of this even when he tolde before:
  16. This is the testament that I will make vnto them after those dayes sayth the lorde. I will put my lawes in their hertes and in their mynde I will write them
  17. and their synnes and iniquyties will I remember no moare.
  18. And where remission of these thinges is there is no moare offerynge for synne.
  19. Seynge brethren that by the meanes of the bloud of Jesu we maye be bolde to enter into that holy place
  20. by the newe and livynge waye which he hath prepared for vs through the vayle that is to saye by his flesshe.
  21. And seynge also that we have an hye prest which is ruler over ye housse of god
  22. let vs drawe nye with a true herte in a full fayth sprynckeled in oure hertes from an evyll conscience and wesshed in oure bodies with pure water
  23. and let vs kepe the profession of oure hope with oute waveringe (for he is faythfull that promysed)
  24. and let vs consyder one another to provoke vnto love and to good workes:
  25. and let vs not forsake the felishippe that we have amoge oure selves as the maner of some is: but let vs exhorte one another and that so moche the more because ye se that the daye draweth nye.
  26. For yf we synne willyngly after that we have receaved the knowledge of the trueth there remayneth no more sacrifice for synnes
  27. but a fearfull lokynge for iudgement and violent fyre which shall devoure the adversaries
  28. He that despiseth Moses lawe dyeth with out mercy vnder two or thre witnesses.
  29. Of how moche sorer punyshment suppose ye shall he be counted worthy which treadeth vnderfote the sonne of god: and counteth the bloude of the testament as an vnholy thynge wherwith he was sanctified and doth dishonoure to the sprete of grace.
  30. For we knowe him that hath sayde vengeaunce belongeth vnto me I will recompence sayth the lorde. And agayne: the lorde shall iudge his people.
  31. It is a fearfull thynge to faule into the hondes of the livynge God.
  32. Call to remebraunce the dayes that are passed in the which after ye had receaved light ye endured a greate fyght in adversities
  33. partly whill all men wondred and gased at you for the shame and trioulacion that was done vnto you and partly whill ye became companyons of the which so passed their tyme.
  34. For ye suffered also with my bondes and toke a worth the spoylynge of youre goodes and that with gladnes knowynge in youre selves how that ye had in heven a better and an endurynge substaunce
  35. Cast not awaye therfore youre confidence which hath great rewarde to recopence.
  36. For ye have nede of paciece that after ye have done ye will of god ye myght receave the promes.
  37. For yet a very lytell whyle and he that shall come will come and will not tary.
  38. But the iust shall live by faith. And yf he withdrawe him silfe my soule shall have no pleasure in him.
  39. We are not whiche withdrawe oure selves vnto dampnacio but partayne to fayth to the wynnynge of the soule.
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