Genesis: Chapter 08 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .viij. Chapter.

  1. And god remebred Noe and all ye beastes and all ye catell yt were with hi in ye arke And god made a wynde to blow vppo ye erth and ye waters ceased:
  2. ad ye fountaynes of the depe ad the wyndowes of heave were stopte and the rayne of heaven was forbidde
  3. and the waters returned from of ye erth ad abated after the ende of an hundred and .l. dayes.
  4. And the arke rested vppo the mountayns of Ararat the .xvij. daye of the .vij. moneth.
  5. And the waters went away ad decreased vntyll the x. moneth. And the fyrst daye of the tenth moneth the toppes of the mounteyns appered.
  6. And after the ende of .xl. dayes. Noe opened the wyndow of the arke which he had made
  7. ad sent forth a raven which went out ever goinge and cominge agayne vntyll the waters were dreyed vpp vppon the erth
  8. Then sent he forth a doue from hym to wete whether the waters were fallen from of the erth.
  9. And when the doue coude fynde no restinge place for hyr fote she returned to him agayne vnto the arke for the waters were vppon the face of all the erth. And he put out hys honde and toke her and pulled hyr to hym in to the arke
  10. And he abode yet .vij. dayes mo and sent out the doue agayne out of the arke
  11. And the doue came to hym agayne aboute eventyde and beholde: There was in hyr mouth a lefe of an olyve tre which she had plucked wherby Noe perceaved that the waters wer abated vppon the erth.
  12. And he taried yet .vij. other dayes and sent forth the doue which from thence forth came no more agayne to him.
  13. And it came to passe the syxte hundred and one yere and the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth that the waters were dryed vpp apon the erth. And Noe toke off the hatches of the arke and loked: And beholde the face of the erth was drye.
  14. so by the .xxvij. daye of the seconde moneth the erth was drye.
  15. And God spake vnto Noe saynge:
  16. come out of the arcke both thou and thy wyfe ad thy sonnes and thy sonnes wyues with the.
  17. And all the beastes that are with the whatsoever flesh it be both foule and catell and all maner wormes that crepe on the erth brynge out with the and let them moue growe ad multiplye vppon the erth.
  18. And Noe came out ad his sonnes and his wyfe and his sonnes wyues with hym.
  19. And all the beastes and all the wormes and all the foules and all that moved vppon the erth came also out of the arke all of one kynde together.
  20. And Noe made an aulter vnto the LORDE and toke of all maner of clene beastes and all maner of clene foules and offred sacrifyce vppon the aulter.
  21. And the LORDE smellyd a swete savoure and sayd in his hert: I wyll henceforth no more curse the erth for mannes sake for the imagynacion of mannes hert is evell even from the very youth of hym. Morover I wyll not destroy from henceforth all that lyveth as I haue done.
  22. Nether shall sowynge tyme and harvest colde and hete somere and wynter daye and nyghte ceasse as longe as the erth endureth.
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