Genesis: Chapter 50 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .l. Chapter.

  1. And Joseph fell apon his fathers face and wepte apon him and kyssed him.
  2. And Joseph commaunded his seruauntes that were Phisicions to embawme his father and the Phisicios ebawmed Israel
  3. .xl. dayes loge for so loge doth ye embawminge last and the Egiptians bewepte him .lxx. dayes.
  4. And when the dayes of wepynge were ended Joseph spake vnto ye house of Pharao saynge: Yf I haue founde fauoure in youre eyes speake vnto Pharao and tell him how that
  5. my father made me swere and sayde: loo Joye se that thou burye me in my graue which I haue made me in the lande of Canaan. Now therfore let me goo and burye my father ad tha will I come agayne.
  6. And Pharao sayde goo and burye thy father acordynge as he made the swere.
  7. And Joseph went vp to burie his father and with him went all the seruauntes of Pharao that were the elders of his house ad all ye elders of Egipte
  8. and all the house of Joseph ad his brethern and his fathers house: only their childern and their shepe and their catell lefte they behinde them in the lande of Gosan.
  9. And there went with him also Charettes and horsemen: so that they were an exceadynge great companye.
  10. And when they came to ye feld of Atad beyonde Jordane there they made great and exceadinge sore lamentacio. And he morned for his father .vij. dayes.
  11. When the enhabiters of the lande the Cananytes sawe the moornynge in ye felde of Atad they saide: this is a greate moornynge which the Egiptians make. Wherfore ye name of the place is called Abel mizraim which place lyeth beyonde Jordane.
  12. And his sonnes dyd vnto him acordynge as he had commaunded them.
  13. And his sonnes caried him in to the land of Canaan and buryed him in the double caue which Abraha had boughte with the felde to be a place to burye in of Ephron the Hethite before Mamre.
  14. And Joseph returned to Egipte agayne and his brethern and all that went vp with him to burye his father assone as he had buryed him.
  15. Whe Josephs brethern sawe that their father was deade they sayde: Joseph myghte fortune to hate us and rewarde us agayne all the euell which we dyd vnto him.
  16. They dyd therfore a commaundment vnto Joseph saynge: thy father charged before his deth saynge.
  17. This wise say vnto Joseph forgeue I praye the the trespace of thy brethern and their synne for they rewarded the euell. Now therfore we praye the forgeue the trespace of the servuantes of thy fathers God. And Joseph wepte when they spake vnto him.
  18. And his brethern came ad fell before him and sayde: beholde we be thy servauntes.
  19. And Joseph sayde vnto them: feare not for am not I vnder god?
  20. Ye thoughte euell vnto me: but God turned it vnto good to bringe to passe as it is this daye euen to saue moch people a lyue
  21. feare not therfore for I will care for you and for youre childern and he spake kyndly vnto them.
  22. Joseph dwelt in Egipte and his fathers house also ad lyved an hundred and .x. yere.
  23. And Joseph sawe Ephraims childern eue vnto the thyrde generation. And vnto Machir the sonne of Manasses were childern borne and satt on Josephs knees.
  24. And Joseph sayde vnto his brethern: I die And God will suerlie vysett you and bringe you out of this lande vnto the lande which he sware vnto Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
  25. And Joseph toke an ooth of the childern of Israel ad sayde: God will not fayle but vysett you se therfore that ye carye my boones hence.
  26. And so Joseph dyed when he was an hundred and .x. yere olde. And they enbawmed him and put him in a chest in Egipte.
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