Genesis: Chapter 47 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xlvij. Chapter.

  1. And Joseph wet and tolde Pharao and sayde: my father and my brethern their shepe and their beastes and all that they haue are come out of the lade of Canaan and are in the lande of Gosan.
  2. And Joseph toke a parte of his brethern: euen fyue of them and presented them vnto Pharao.
  3. And Pharao sayde vnto his brethern: what is youre occupation? And they sayde vnto Pharao: feaders of shepe are thi seruauntes both we ad also oure fathers.
  4. They sayde moreouer vnto Pharao: for to sogcorne in the lande are we come for thy seruauntes haue no pasture for their shepe so sore is the fameshment in the lande of Canaan. Now therfore let thy seruauntes dwell in the lande of Gosan.
  5. And Pharao sayde vnto Joseph: thy father and thy brethren are come vnto the.
  6. The londe of Egipte is open before the: In the best place of the lande make both thy father and thy brothren dwell: And even in the lond of Gosan let them dwell. Moreouer yf thou knowe any men of actiuyte amonge them make them ruelars ouer my catell.
  7. And Joseph brought in Jacob his father and sett him before Pharao And Jacob blessed Pharao.
  8. And Pharao axed Jacob how old art thou?
  9. And Jacob sayde vnto Pharao: the dayes of my pilgremage are an hundred and .xxx. yeres. Few and euell haue the dayes of my lyfe bene and haue not attayned vnto the yeres of the lyfe of my fathers in the dayes of their pilgremages.
  10. And Jacob blessed Pharao and went out from him.
  11. And Joseph prepared dwellinges for his father and his brethern and gaue them possessions in the londe of Egipte in the best of the londe: eue in the lande of Raemses as Pharao commaunded.
  12. And Joseph made prouysion for his father his brethern and all his fathers housholde as yonge childern are fedd with bread.
  13. There was no bread in all the londe for the derth was exceadige sore: so yt ye lode of Egipte and ye lode of Canaan were fameshyd by ye reason of ye derth.
  14. And Joseph brought together all ye money yt was founde in yt lade of Egipte and of Canaan for ye corne which they boughte: and he layde vp the money in Pharaos housse.
  15. When money fayled in the lade of Egipte and of Canaan all the Egiptians came vnto Joseph and sayde: geue us sustenaunce: wherfore suffrest thou vs to dye before the for oure money is spent.
  16. Then sayde Joseph: brynge youre catell and I well geue yow for youre catell yf ye be without money.
  17. And they brought their catell vnto Joseph. And he gaue them bread for horses and shepe and oxen and asses: so he fed them with bread for all their catell that yere.
  18. When that yere was ended they came vnto him the nexte yere and sayde vnto him: we will not hydest from my lorde how that we haue nether money nor catell for my lorde: there is no moare left for my lorde but euen oure bodies and oure londes.
  19. Wherfore latest thou us dye before thyne eyes and the londe to goo to noughte? bye us and oure landes for bread: and let both vs and oure londes be bonde to Pharao. Geue vs seed that we may lyue and not dye and that the londe goo not to wast.
  20. And Joseph boughte all the lande of Egipte for Pharao. For the Egiptians solde euery man his londe because the derth was sore apo them: and so the londe be came Pharaos.
  21. And he appoynted the people vnto the cities from one syde of Egipte vnto the other:
  22. only the londe of the Prestes bought he not. For there was an ordinauce made by Pharao for ye  preastes that they shulde eate that which was appoynted vnto them: which Pharao had geuen them wherfore they solde not their londes.
  23. Then Joseph sayde vnto the folke: beholde I haue boughte you this daye ad youre landes for Pharao. Take there seed and goo sowe the londe.
  24. And of the encrease ye shall geue the fyfte parte vnto Pharao and .iiij. partes shalbe youre awne for seed to sowe the feld: and for you and them of youre housholdes and for youre childern to eate.
  25. And they answered: Thou haste saued oure lyves Let vs fynde grace in the syghte of my lorde and let us be Pharaos servautes.
  26. And Joseph made it a lawe ouer the lade of Egipte vnto this daye: that men must geue Pharao the fyfte parte excepte the londe of the preastes only which was not bond vnto Pharao.
  27. And Israel dwelt in Egipte: euen in the countre of Gosan. And they had their possessions therein and they grewe and multiplyed exceadingly.
  28. Moreouer Jacob lyued in the lande of Egipte .xvij. yeres so that the hole age of Jacob was an hundred and .xlvij. yere.
  29. When the tyme drewe nye that Israel must dye: he sent for his sonne Joseph and sayde vnto him: Yf I haue founde grace in thy syghte put thy hande vnder my thye and deale mercifully ad truely with me that thou burie me not in Egipte:
  30. but let me lye by my fathers and carie me out of Egipte and burie me in their buryall. And he answered: I will do as thou hast sayde.
  31. And he sayde: swere vnto me: ad he sware vnto him. And than Israel bowed him vnto the beddes head.
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The blind guides get privileges from bearing with their brethren contrary to Christ’s law of love.  And of these priests of idols did our compassing ivytrees learn to creep up by little and little and to compass the great trees of the world with hypocrisy, and to thrust the roots of idolatrous superstition into them and to suck out the juice of them with their poetry, till all be sear boughs and no thing green save their own commonwealth.