Genesis: Chapter 46 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xlvi. Chapter.

  1. Israel toke his iourney with all that he had and came vnto Berseba and offred offrynges vnto the God of his father Isaac.
  2. And God sayde vnto Israel in a vision by nyghte and called vnto him: Jacob Jacob. And he answered: here am I.
  3. And he sayde: I am that mightie God of thy father feare not to goo downe in to Egipte. For I will make of the there a great people.
  4. I will go downe with ye in to Egipte and I will also bringe the vp agayne and Joseph shall put his hand apon thine eyes.
  5. And Jacob rose vp from Berseba. And ye sonnes of Israel I caried Jacob their father ad their childern and their wyues in the charettes which Pharao had sent to carie him.
  6. And they toke their catell ad the goodes which they had gotten in the land of Canaan and came in to Egipte: both Jacob and all his seed with him
  7. his sonnes and his sonnes sonnes with him: his doughters and his sonnes doughters and all his seed brought he with him in to Egipte.
  8. These are the names of the childern of Israel which came in to Egipte both Jacob and his sonnes: Rube Jacobs first sonne.
  9. The childern of Ruben: Hanoch Pallu Hezron and Charmi.
  10. The childern of Simeon: Jemuel Jamin Ohad Jachin Zohar and Saul the sonne of a Cananitish woman
  11. The childern of Leui: Gerson Rahath and Merari.
  12. The childern of Juda: Er Onan Sela Pharez and Zerah but Er and Onan dyed in the lande of Canaan. The childern of Pharez Hezro and Hamul.
  13. The childern of Isachar: Tola Phuva Job and Semnon.
  14. The childern of Sebulon: Sered Elon and Jaheleel.
  15. These be the childern of Lea which she bare vnto Jacob in Mesopotamia with his doughter Dina. All these soulles of his sonnes and doughters make .xxx and .vi.
  16. The childern of Gad: Ziphion Haggi Suni Ezbon Eri Arodi and Areli.
  17. The childern of Asser: Jemna Jesua Jesui Brya and Serah their sister. And the childern of Brya were Heber and Malchiel.
  18. These are the childern of Silpha whom Laba gaue to Lea his doughter. And these she bare vnto Jacob in nombre xvi. soules.
  19. The childern of Rahel Jacobs wife: Joseph and ben Jamin.
  20. And vnto Joseph in the lode of Egipte were borne: Manasses and Ephraim which Asnath the doughter of Potiphera preast of On bare vnto him.
  21. The childern of BenJamin: Bela Becher Asbel Gera Naeman Ehi Ros Mupim Hupim and Aro.
  22. These are the childern of Rahel which were borne vnto Jacob: xiiij. soules all to gether.
  23. The childern of Dan: Husim.
  24. The childern of Nepthali? Jahezeel Guni Jezer and Sillem.
  25. These are the sonnes of Bilha which Laban gaue vnto Rahel his doughter and she bare these vnto Jacob all together .vij. soulles
  26. All the soulles that came with Jacob into Egipte which came out of his loyns (besyde his sonnes wifes) were all togither .lx. and .vi. soulles.
  27. And the sonnes of Joseph which were borne him in egipte were .ij. soules: So that all the soulles of the house of Jacob which came in to Egipte are lxx.
  28. And he sent Juda before him vnto Joseph that the waye myghte be shewed him vnto Gosan and they came in to the lande of Gosan
  29. And Joseph made redie his charett and went agaynst Israell his father vnto Gosan ad presented him selfe vnto him and fell on his necke and wepte vpon his necke a goode whyle.
  30. And Israel sayd vnto Joseph: Now I am cotet to dye in somoch I haue sene the that thou art yet alyue.
  31. And Joseph sayde vnto his brethre and vnto his fathers house: I will goo and shewe Pharao and tell him: that my brethern and my fathers housse which were in the lade of Canaan are come vnto me
  32. and how they are shepardes (for they were men of catell) and they haue brought their shepe and their oxen and all that they haue with them.
  33. Yf Pharao call you and axe you what youre occupation
  34. is saye: thi seruauntes haue bene occupyed aboute catell fro oure chilhode vnto this tyme: both we and oure fathers that ye maye dwell in the lande of Gosan. For an abhominacyon vnto the Egiptians are all that feade shepe.
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