Genesis: Chapter 43 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xliij. Chapter.

  1. And the derth waxed sore in the lande.
  2. And when they had eate vp that corne which they brought out of the lande of Egipte their father sayde vnto them: goo agayne and by vs a litle food.
  3. Than sayde Juda vnto him: the man dyd testifie vnto vs saynge: loke that ye see not my face excepte youre brother be with you.
  4. Therfore yf thou wilt sende oure brother with vs we wyll goo and bye the food.
  5. But yf thou wylt not sende him we wyll not goo: for the man sayde vnto vs: loke that ye see not my face excepte youre brother be with you.
  6. And Israell sayde: wherfore delt ye so cruelly with me as to tell the man that ye had yet another brother?
  7. And they sayde: The man asked vs of oure kynred saynge: is youre father yet alyue? haue ye not another brother? And we tolde him acordynge to these wordes. How cowd we knowe that he wolde byd vs brynge oure brother downe with vs?
  8. Than sayde Juda vnto Israell his father: Send the lad with me and we wyll ryse and goo that we maye lyue and not dye: both we thou and also oure childern.
  9. I wilbe suertie for him and of my handes requyre him. Yf I brynge him not to the and sett him before thine eyes than let me bere the blame for euer.
  10. For except we had made this tarieg: by this we had bene there twyse and come agayne.
  11. Than their father Israel sayde vnto the Yf it must nedes be so now: than do thus take of the best frutes of the lande in youre vesselles and brynge the man a present a curtesie bawlme and a curtesie of hony spyces and myrre dates and almondes.
  12. And take as moch money more with you. And the money that was brought agayne in youre sackes take it agayne with you in youre handes peraduenture it was some ouersyghte.
  13. Take also youre brother with you and aryse and goo agayne to the man.
  14. And God almightie geue you mercie in the sighte of the man and send you youre other brother and also Be Jamin and I wilbe as a ma robbed of his childern.
  15. Thus toke they the present and twise so moch more money with them and Ben Jamin. And rose vp went downe to Egipte and presented them selfe to Joseph.
  16. When Joseph sawe Ben Jamin with them he sayde to the ruelar of his house: brynge these men home and sley and make redie: for they shall dyne with me at none.
  17. And the man dyd as Joseph bad and brought them in to Josephs house.
  18. When they were brought to Josephs house they were afrayde ad sayde: be cause of the money yt came in oure sackes mouthes at the first tyme are we brought to pyke a quarell with vs and to laye some thinge to oure charge: to brynge us in bondage and oure asses also.
  19. Therfore came they to the man that was the ruelar ouer Josephs house and comened with him at the doore
  20. and sayde:Sir we came hither at the first tyme to bye foode
  21. and as we came to an Inne and opened oure sackes: beholde euery mannes money was in his sacke with full weghte: But we haue broght it agene with us
  22. and other mony haue we brought also in oure handes to bye foode but we can not tell who put oure money in oure sackes.
  23. And he sayde: be of good chere feare not: Youre God and the God of youre fathers hath put you that treasure in youre sackes for I had youre money. And he brought Simeon out to them
  24. ad led the into Josephs house and gaue the water to washe their fete and gaue their asses prauender:
  25. And they made redie their present agaynst Joseph came at none for they herde saye that they shulde dyne there.
  26. When Joseph came home they brought the present in to the house to him which they had in their handes ad fell flat on the grounde befor him.
  27. And he welcomed the curteously sainge: is youre father that old man which ye tolde me of in good health? and is he yet alyue?
  28. they answered: thy servaunte oure father is in good health ad is yet alyue. And they bowed them selues and fell to the grounde.
  29. And he lyfte vp his eyes and behelde his brother Ben Jamin his mothers sonne and sayde: is this youre yongest brother of whome ye sayde vnto me? And sayde: God be mercyfull vnto ye my sonne.
  30. And Joseph made hast (for his hert dyd melt apon his brother) and soughte for to wepe and entred in to his chambre for to wepe there.
  31. And he wasshed his face and came out and refrayned himselfe and bad sett bread on the table
  32. And they prepared for him by himselfe and for them by them selues and for the Egiptians which ate with him by them selues because the Egyptians may not eate bread with the Hebrues for that is an abhomynacyon vnto the Egiptians.
  33. And they satt before him: the eldest acordynge vnto his age and the yongest acordyng vnto his youth. And the men marveled amonge them selves.
  34. And they broughte rewardes vnto them from before him: but Ben Jamins parte was fyue tymes so moch as any of theirs. And they ate and they dronke and were dronke wyth him.
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