Genesis: Chapter 04 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .iiij. Chapter.

  1. And Adam lay wyth Heua ys wyfe which conceaved and bare Cain and sayd: I haue goten a ma of the LORde.
  2. And she proceded forth and bare hys brother Abell: And Abell became a sheperde And Cain became a ploweman.
  3. And it fortuned in processe of tyme that Cain brought of the frute of the erth: an offerynge vnto the LORde.
  4. And Abell he brought also of the fyrstlynges of hys shepe and of the fatt of them. And the LORde loked vnto Abell and to his offeynge:
  5. but vnto Cain and vnto his offrynge looked he not. And Cain was wroth exceadingly and loured.
  6. And the LORde sayd vnto Cain: why art thou angry and why loureste thou? Wotest thou not yf thou dost well thou shalt receave it?
  7. But and yf thou dost evell by and by thy synne lyeth open in the dore. Not withstondyng let it be subdued vnto the ad see thou rule it.
  8. And Cain talked wyth Abell his brother.And as soone as they were in the feldes Cain fell vppon Abell his brother and slewe hym
  9. And ye LORde sayd vnto Cain: where is Abell thy brother? And he sayd: I can not tell am I my brothers keper?
  10. And he sayd: What hast thou done? the voyce of thy brothers bloud cryeth vnto me out of the erth.
  11. And now cursed be thou as pertaynyng to the erth which opened hyr mouth to receaue thy brothers bloud of thyne hande.
  12. For when thou tyllest the grounde she shall heceforth not geve hyr power vnto the. A vagabunde and a rennagate shalt thou be vpon the erth.
  13. And Cain sayd vnto the LORde: my synne is greater then that it may be forgeven.
  14. Beholde thou castest me out thys day from of the face of the erth and fro thy syghte must I hyde my selfe ad I must be wandrynge and a vagabunde vpon the erth: Morover whosoever fyndeth me wyll kyll me,
  15. And the LORde sayd vnto hi Not so but whosoever sleyth Cain shalbe punyshed .vij. folde. And ye LORde put  a marke vpo Cain that no ma yt founde hym shulde kyll hym.
  16. And Cain went out fro the face of the LORde and dwelt in the lande Nod on the east syde of Eden.
  17. And Cain laye wyth hys wyfe which conceaved and bare Henoch. And he was buyldinge a cyte and called the name of it after the name of hys sonne Henoch.
  18. And Henoch begat Irad. And Irad begat Mahuiael. And Mahuiael begat Mathusael. And Mathusael begat Lamech.
  19. And Lamech toke hym two wyves: the one was called Ada and the other Zilla.
  20. And Ada bare Jabal of whome came they that dwell in tentes ad possesse catell.
  21. And hys brothers name was Jubal: of hym came all that excercyse them selves on the harpe and on the organs
  22. And Zilla she also bare Tubalcain a worker in metall and a father of all that grave in brasse and yeron. And Tubalcains syster was called Naema.
  23. Then sayd Lamech vnto hys wyves Ada ad Zilla: heare my voyce ye wyves of Lamech and herken vnto my wordes for I haue slayne a man and wounded my selfe and haue slayn a yongman and gotte my selfe strypes:
  24. For Cain shall be avenged sevenfolde: but Lamech seventie tymes sevenfolde.
  25. Adam also laye with hys wyfe yet agayne and she bare a sonne ad called hys name Seth For god (sayd she) hath geven me a nother sonne For Abell whom Cain slewe.
  26. And Seth begat a sonne and called hys name Enos. And in that tyme began men to call on the name of the LORde.
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Of this place no doubt the pope which in all things maketh himself equal with God took an occasion to mark all his creatures: and to forbid under pain of excommunication that no man (whether he were king or emperor) be so hardy to punish them for whatsoever mischief they do.  The crown is to them a license to do what they list a protection and a sure sanctuary.