Genesis: Chapter 34 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xxxiiij. Chapter.

  1. Dina the doughter of Lea which she bare vnto Jacob went out to see the doughters of the lande.
  2. And Siche the sonne of Hemor the Heuite lorde of the countre sawe her and toke her and laye with her and forced her:
  3. and his harte laye vnto Dina ye doughter of Jacob. And he loued yt damsell and spake kidly vnto her
  4. and spake vnto his father Hemor saynge gett me this mayde vnto my wyfe.
  5. And Jacob herde that he had defyled Dina his doughter but his sonnes were with the catell in the felde and therfore he helde his peace vntill they were come.
  6. Then Hemor the father of Sichem went out vnto Jacob to come with him.
  7. And the sonnes of Jacob came out of the felde as soone as they herde it for it greued them and they were not a litle wrooth because he had wrought folie in Israell in that he had lyen with Jacobs doughter which thinge oughte not to be done.
  8. And Hemor comened with the sainge? the soule of my sonne Siche logeth for youre doughter geue her him to wyfe
  9. and make mariages with vs: geue youre doughters vnto vs ad take oure doughters vnto you
  10. and dwell with vs and the lande shall be at youre pleasure dwell and do youre busynes and haue youre possessions there in.
  11. And Sichem sayde vnto hyr father and hir brethern: let me fynde grace in youre eyes and what soeuer ye apoynte me that will I geue.
  12. Axe frely of me both the dowry and gyftes and I will geue acordynge as ye saye vnto me and geue me the damsell to wyfe.
  13. Then the sonnes of Jacob answered to Sichem ad Hemor his father deceytefully because he had defyled Dina their syster.
  14. And they sayde vnto them we can not do this thinge yt we shulde geue oure syster to one that is vncircumcysed for that were a shame vnto us.
  15. Only in this will we consent vnto you? Yf ye will be as we be that all the men childern amonge you be circumcysed
  16. tha will we geue oure doughter to you and take youres to vs and will dwell with you and be one people.
  17. But and yf ye will not harken vnto vs to be circumcysed than will we take oure doughter and goo oure wayes.
  18. And their wordes pleased Hemor and Sichem his sonne.
  19. And the yonge man deferde not for to do the thinge because he had a lust to Jacobs doughter: he was also most sett by of all that were in his fathers house.
  20. Tha Hemor and Sichem went vnto the gate of their cyte and comened with the men of their cyte sayncte.
  21. These men ar peasable with us and will dwell in the lade and do their occupatio therin And in the land is rowme ynough for the let us take their doughters to wyues and geue them oures:
  22. only herin will they consent vnto vs for to dwell with vs and to be one people: yf all the men childern that are amonge vs be circumcysed as they are.
  23. Their goodes and their substance and all their catell are oures only let vs consente vnto them that they maye dwell with vs.
  24. And vnto Hemor and Sichem his sonneharkened all that went out at the gate of his cyte. And all the men childern were circumcysed what soeuer went out at the gates of his cyte.
  25. And the third daye when it was paynefull to them ij. of the sonnes of Jacob Simeon and Leui Dinas brethren toke ether of them his swerde and went in to the cyte boldly and slewe all yt was male
  26. and slewe also Hemor and Sichem his sonne with the edge of the swerde ad toke Dina their sister out of Sichems house and went their waye.
  27. Than came the sonnes of Jacob vpon the deede and spoyled the cyte because they had defyled their sister:
  28. and toke their shepe oxen asses and what so euer was in the cyte and also in ye feldes.
  29. And all their goodes all their childern and their wyues toke they captyue and made havock of all that was in the houses.
  30. And Jacob sayde to Simeon and Leui: ye haue troubled me ad made me styncke vnto the inhabitatours of the lande both to the Canaanytes and also vnto the Pherezites. And I am fewe in nombre. Wherfore they shall gather them selves together agaynst me and sley me and so shall I and my house be dystroyed.
  31. And they answered: shuld they deall with oure sister as wyth an whoore?
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