Genesis: Chapter 32 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xxxij. Chapter.

  1. But Jacob went forth on his iourney. And the angells of God came and mett him.
  2. And when Jacob sawe them he sayde: this is godes hoost: and called the name of that same place Mahanaim.
  3. Jacob sente meessengers before him to Esau his brother vnto the lande of Seir and the felde of Edom.
  4. And he comaunded them saynge: se that ye speake after this maner to my lorde Esau: thy seruaunte Jacob sayth thus. I haue sogerned ad bene a straunger with Laban vnto this tyme:
  5. and haue gotten oxen asses and shepe menservauntes and wemanseruauntes and haue sent to shewe it mi lorde that I may fynde grace in thy syghte.
  6. And the messengers came agayne to Jacob sainge: we came vnto thi brother Esau and he cometh ageynst the and .iiij. hundred men with hi.
  7. Than was Jacob greatlye afrayde and wist not which waye to turne him selfe and devyded the people that was with him and the shepe oxen and camels in to .ij. companies
  8. and sayde: Yf Esau come to the one parte and smyte it the other may saue it selfe.
  9.  And Jacob sayde: O god of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac: LORde which saydest vnto me returne vnto thy cuntre and to thy kynrede and I will deall wel with the.
  10. I am not worthy of the leaste of all the mercyes and treuth which thou hast shewed vnto thy seruaunte. For with my staf came I over this Jordane and now haue Igoten .ij. droves
  11. Delyver me from the handes of my brother Esau for I feare him: lest he will come and smyte the mother with the childeru.
  12. Thou saydest that thou woldest surely do me good and woldest make mi seed as the sonde of the see which can not be nombred for multitude.
  13. And he taried there that same nyghte and toke of that which came to hande a preasent vnto Esau his brother:
  14. ij hundred she gootes ad xx he gootes: ij hundred shepe and xx rammes:
  15. thyrtye mylch camels with their coltes: xl kyne ad x bulles: xx she asses ad foles
  16. and delyuered them vnto his seruauntes euery drooue by them selues ad sayde vnto them: goo forth before me and put a space betwyxte euery drooue.
  17. And he comaunded the formest sayngeWhe Esau my brother meteth the ad axeth the saynge: whose seruaute art thou and whither goost thou and whose ar these that goo before ye:
  18. thou shalt say they be thy seruaunte Jacobs and are a present sent vnto my lorde Esau and beholde he him selfe cometh after vs.
  19. And so comaunded he the seconde ad euen so the thirde and lykewyse all that folowed the drooues sainge of this maner se that ye speake vnto Esau whe ye mete him
  20. ad saye more ouer. Beholde thy seruaunte Jacob cometh after vs for he sayde. I will pease his wrath with the present yt goth before me and afterward I will see him myself so peradventure he will receaue me to grace.
  21. So went the preset before him ad he taried all that nyghte in the tente
  22. ad rose vp the same nyghte ad toke his .ij. wyves and his .ij. maydens and his .xi. sonnes and went ouer the foorde Jabok.
  23. And he toke them ad sent the ouer the ryuer ad sent ouer that he had
  24. ad taried behinde him selfe alone.And there wrastled a man with him vnto the breakynge of the daye.
  25. And when he sawe that he coude not prevayle agaynst him he smote hi vnder the thye and the senowe of Jacobs thy shranke as he wrastled with him.
  26. And he sayde: let me goo for the daye breaketh. And he sayde: I will not lett the goo excepte thou blesse me.
  27. And he sayde vnto him: what is thy name? He answered: Jacob.
  28. And he sayde: thou shalt be called Jacob nomore but Israell. For thou hast wrastled with God and with men ad hast preuayled.
  29. And Jacob asked him sainge tell me thi name. And he sayde wherfore dost thou aske after my name? and he blessed him there.
  30. And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel for I haue sene God face to face and yet is my lyfe reserved.
  31. And as he went ouer Peniel the sonne rose vpon him and he halted vpon his thye:
  32. wherfore the childern of Israell eate not of the senow that shrancke vnder the thye vnto this daye: because that he smote Jacob vnder the thye in the senow that shroncke.
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Prayer is to cleave unto the promises of God with a strong faith and to beseech God with a fervent desire that he will fulfill them for his mercy and truth only.  As Jacob here doth.