Genesis: Chapter 30 (1534)

The boke of Genesis. The .xxx. Chapter.

  1. When Rahel sawe that she bare Jacob no childern she enuied hir sister and sayde vnto Jacob: geue me childern or ells I am but deed.
  2. Than was Jacob wrooth with Rahel saynge: Am I in godes steade which kepeth fro the the frute of thi wobe?
  3. The she sayde: here is my mayde Bilha: go in vnto her that she maye beare vpo my lappe that I maye be encreased by her.
  4. And she gaue him Bilha hir hadmayde to wife. And Jacob wet in vnto her
  5. And Bilha conceaued and bare Jacob a sonne.
  6. Than sayde Rahel. God hath geuen sentece on my syde and hath also herde my voyce and hath geuen me a sonne. Therfore called she him Dan.
  7. And Bilha Rahels mayde coceaued agayne and bare Jacob a nother sonne.
  8. And Rahel sayde. God is turned and I haue made achaunge with my sister and haue gote ye vpper hade. And she called his name Nepthali
  9. Whe Lea sawe that she had left bearinge she toke Silpha hir mayde and gaue her Jacob to wiffe.
  10. And Silpha Leas made bare Jacob a sonne.
  11. Than sayde Lea: good lucke: and called his name Gad.
  12. And Silpha Leas mayde bare Jacob another sonne.
  13. Tha sayd Lea: happy am I for the doughters will call me blessed. And called his name Asser.
  14. And Rube wet out in the wheat haruest and foude mandragoras in the feldes and brought the vnto his mother Lea. Than sayde Rahel to Lea geue me of thy sonnes madragoras.
  15. And Lea answered: is it not ynough yt thou hast take awaye my housbode but woldest take awaye my sonnes mandragoras also? Than sayde Rahel well let him slepe with the this nyghte for thy sonnes mandragoras.
  16. And whe Jacob came from the feldes at euen Lea went out to mete him and sayde: come into me for I haue bought the with my sonnes mandragoras.And he slepte with her that nyghte.
  17. And God herde Lea yt she coceaued and bare vnto Jacob yt .v. sonne.
  18. Than sayde Lea. God hath geue me my rewarde because I gaue my mayde to my housbod and she called him Isachar.
  19. And Lea coceaued yet agayne and bare Jacob the sexte sonne.
  20. Than sayde she: God hath endewed me with a good dowry. Now will my housbond dwell with me because I haue borne him .vi. sonnes: and called his name Zabulo.
  21. After that she bare a doughter and called her Dina.
  22. And God remebred Rahel herde her and made her frutefull:
  23. so that she coceaued and bare a sonne and sayde God hath take awaye my rebuke.
  24. And she called his name Joseph saynge The lorde geue me yet a nother sonne.
  25. As soone as Rahel had borne Joseph Jacob sayde to Laban: Sede me awaye yt I maye goo vnto myne awne place and cutre
  26. geue me my wives and my childern for whome I haue serued the and let me goo; for thou knowest what seruyce I haue done the.
  27. Than sayde Laban vnto hi: If I haue fownde fauoure in thy syghte (for I suppose yt the LORde hath blessed me for thy sake)
  28. appoynte what thy rewarde shalbe and I will geue it ye.
  29. But he sayde vnto hym thou knowest what seruyce I haue done ye and in what takynge thy catell haue bene vnder me:
  30. for it was but litle that thou haddest before I came and now it is encreased in to a multitude and the LORDE hath blessed the for my sake.But now when shall I make provysion for myne awne house also?
  31. And he sayde: what shall I geue the? And Jacob answerd: thou shalt geue me nothinge at all yf thou wilt do this one thinge for me: And then will I turne agayne and fede thy shepe and kepe them.
  32. I will go aboute all thy shepe this daye and separate fro the all the shepe that are spotted and of dyverse coloures and all blacke shepe amonge the lambes and the partie and spotted amonge the kyddes: And then such shalbe my rewarde.
  33. So shall my rightwesnes answere for me: when the tyme commeth that I shall receaue my rewarde of the: So that what soeuer is not speckeld and partie amonge the gootes and blacke amonge the lambes let that be theft with me.
  34. Than sayde Laban: loo I am contete that it be acordinge as thou hast sayde.
  35. And he toke out that same daye the he gootes that were partie and of dyuerse coloures and all the she gootes that were spotted and partie coloured and all that had whyte in the and all the blacke amonge the lambes: ad put the in the kepinge of his sonnes
  36. and sett thre dayes ourney ibetwixte hiselfe and Jacob. And so Jacob kepte ye rest of Labas shepe.
  37. Jacob toke roddes of grene popular hasell and of chestnottrees and pilled whyte strakes in the and made the white apere in the staues:
  38. And he put the staues which he had pilled eue before ye shepe in the gutters and watrynge troughes whe the shepe came to drynke: yt they shulde coceaue whe they came to drynke.
  39. And the shepe coceaued before the staues and brought forth straked spotted and partie.
  40. The Jacob parted the labes and turned the faces of the shepe toward spotted thinges and toward all maner of blacke thinges thorow out the flockes of Laba. And he made him flockes of his owne by the selfe which he put not vnto the flockes of Laba.
  41. And allwaye in the first buckinge tyme of the shepe Jacob put the staues before the shepe in the gutters yt they myghte conceaue before the staues
  42. But in the latter buckynge tyme he put them not there: so the last brode was Labas and the first Jacobs.
  43. And the man became excedynge ryche and had many shepe maydeseruauntes menseruauntes camels and asses.
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